Video – Aws Aws crying and making fun of Mohamed Tharwat, the most prominent clips of “Ramez Jab from the Other”

In the third episode of the program “Ramez Jab from the Other,” presented by the artist Ramez Jalal on the “mbc Egypt” channel, the artists Mohamed Tharwat and Aws Aws fell victim to Ramez Jalal’s prank.

Ramez Jalal mocked both Mohamed Tharwat and Aws Aws in the intro to the episode, saying: “We have two random artists who compete with each other and are afraid for each other’s jobs. One is a worker and his life is full of accessories and clips of work and workers say slogans and insults. The other, every time he gets a job, he tells them, ‘Don’t feel like he’s opening a restaurant.’” Koshari, our guests today are Aws Aws and Mohamed Tharwat, comedy stars, who have mastered art and pioneers of random acting.”

Ramez Jalal asked Mohamed Tharwat a question about giving him the title “Shah Rukh Khan of the Arabs.” Tharwat replied, saying: “The people who called me Shah Rukh Khan are not me.” Ramez followed up, saying: “And a prophet in Shah Rukh Khan is bald.”

After Ramez Jalal carried out the prank on Muhammad Tharwat and Aws Aws, the latter almost cried, and Muhammad Tharwat said, directing his words to Ramez: “You will never be fair, Ramez.

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