Video – Sherine Reda makes bold statements about her relationship with Amr Diab, the reasons for her separation, and her relationship with her daughter

The artist Sherine Reda was a guest on the “Al-Arafa” program, presented by the journalist Basma Wahba on Al-Nahar channel, where she talked about the scenes of her separation from the artist Amr Diab, after a marriage that lasted for three years, stressing that life between them had become impossible, and she also talked about her relationship with her daughter, Nour. Amr Diab launched an attack on an artist who criticized her daughter’s life.

She confirmed that her separation from “Al-Hadaba” took place “because life between us had become impossible and we were quarreling, so we decided to separate, and we would prefer friends rather than continue, and the problems would grow on us, and we would not be able to look at each other’s faces. I was young when I met him, and he loved me, so he used “All means to get closer and marry me.”

She added: “Amr Diab ran after me to marry me. He was frank at first and got down on his knee, and the next day he brought a van full of flowers, and entered Abi Baba’s bedroom and asked him to marry me.”

She continued her talk about Amr Diab, saying: “He was moon and delicious and I liked him and he loved me. Our marriage lasted three years, and this period the songs he performed were for me because he couldn’t sing for anyone else and I used to praise him.”

She talked about jealousy and stressed that “jealousy only hurts its owner. I married a famous person who must have admirers. If I jealous of him, who is he and who is he talking to? Who will I be upset about in the end, and in this way there will still be women around him,” explaining: “I call them women, because If someone runs after a married man in this manner, she will be a woman, not a woman, because women are respected.”

She also spoke about their daughter and said: “My daughter Nour has the right to act the way she wants in her life, and no one has the right to interfere in her behavior.”

She added: “Abeer Al-Sharqawi is mentally ill. When she uses her mind with the mind of a young girl and insults her, she remains empty and sick, and as long as she retires from art, she sits at home and blames herself, and as long as she is veiled, it is shameful for her to say this. She does what she wants. She will be held accountable in Nour’s place? Leave it to herself.” And I have no invitation for my daughter.”

She continued: “Nour’s engagement was not an engagement like any other engagement we know here, with a fancy party and invitations. She was doing a photo session, and her fiancé made a surprise and got down on his knee and presented her with the ring.”

She added: “I cannot interfere because they think differently, and her behavior made me very happy, because all my life’s wish is for my daughter to be happy in her own way.”

She pointed out that “Nour’s personality is different from other girls, and the idea that her father and mother were famous made her lost among us, and outside people knew and loved her because she was Nour, not because she was the daughter of Amr Diab and Sherine Reda.”

She added: “Nour is a marketing and social media manager for a restaurant company in all of England and has been self-reliant for five or six years, and I have seen a lot of people whose money destroyed their future. We spent adultery with her father on her while she was studying, and we did not want the same story to happen to her, even though the money was there and Nour.” “I am not deprived.”

She revealed, “My lifelong friend cheated on me with my husband, and it hurt me very much. Not from my husband because I was expecting his betrayal. She was my lifelong friend and she was not an artist, and he was the one who told me about his betrayal so I could stay away from my friend. However, betrayal was not the only reason for my separation.”

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