Video – Vanity, love for girls, and the fear that accompanies it… exciting statements by Ahmed Ezz

During his interview on the “Big Time Podcast” program presented by the journalist Amr Adeeb on the “mbc1” channel, the artist Ahmed Ezz revealed many of the secrets of his private life, and made many confessions, the most prominent of which were:

• “Illness is the thing that worries me the most, and of course I am afraid of disease, and I have a phobia of disease.”

• “My phobia of illness is not from nothing, because my mother, may God have mercy on her, died, and before she died, I knew what she had, and I did not tell my father or my sisters, and she had requested that. I was very close to her and she was going around the house normally, and she would take chemotherapy and then come back.” She cooks and eats at home, and I am the only one who knows. My mother was great.”

• “In the past, I used to feel down and down when they said I was arrogant, but after a little while I understood and settled down, I knew that success, people’s love, and the success of films, and that God makes this easy for you, you have nothing to do with it, even if you are the greatest actor, but the story is in God’s will. That’s why I don’t have arrogance and I’m no longer arrogant.”

• “Stature and success, and if people see you as arrogant or love you, are not yours, this is God’s, and then there are the people in it who are not enough for it. I don’t post pictures of my life on social media every once in a while. I don’t like this method. How can someone go to work and look into his eyes and see me sleeping on the phone? The swimming pool. He will tell me, “You don’t have any blood?”

• “Girls’ love for me I don’t know the reason for, but this is from God’s generosity and the love of people is not valued by millions, but the point of girls’ love, I swear to God, has never occupied my mind, but it is a blessing, may God perpetuate it, and I am much simpler and much more disappointed than anyone can imagine. Not Al-Wad Al-Halangi is more disappointed than I am.” I imagine and I don’t know how to speak. I mean, I’m not the girls’ boy, and I’ve been around since I was young.”

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