Waited for the whistle: Real in the quarter after 1:1 against Leipzig

Champions League 23-24

Game board

The outstanding actor

Toni Kroos, score: 7
How classy. He got out of the pressure time and time again and the only one who tried to get ahead. Germany profited in the summer and hugely

The disappointing player

Luis Opanda, score: 3
Will not sleep at night. Four misses, each worse than the other. Quite a bit of guilt in impeachment on him

there are things that do not change. Soccer in the Champions League can be played for 90 or 180 minutes better and in the end Real comes out on top, and that’s exactly how it was last night (Wednesday). The Blancos looked very bad, kicked only once into the frame and saw Leipzig endlessly threatening, but finally qualified for the quarterfinals of the Champions after 1:1 at the Bernabeu and 1:2 in the aggregate.

As mentioned, the Germans were completely 180 better, when in the first game Lunin put on a huge show and a tremendous and accidental solo goal by Brahim Dias was enough for Ancelotti and his apprentices. When even here a momentary brilliance by Bellingham with a feed to Vinicius did the job, even with a withering goal by Willy Urban on the other side. By the way, five minutes before his goal, Vinny had to see a red card after a foul in which he did not receive a yellow and an ugly push on Urban.

In any case, on paper Real fans can be satisfied. Quarter finals, despite many injuries, when no more players were added to this list and all the players in danger of yellow did not receive and will be able to play in the quarter. The factory wins record holder wants to regain her favorite title after losing it last year to City.

Compliments are given to Marco Rosa’s team, who have shown without a doubt that there is wonderful football in this club with a mix of young and old. The team from Germany arrived without feelings of inferiority to perhaps the most difficult stadium in this enterprise and pressed, came forward and had to win, but they too fell victim to this magic of Real Madrid in the Champions League.

second half

Carlo Ancelotti thanks the crowd at the end (Reuters)Carlo Ancelotti thanks the crowd at the end (Reuters)
Leipzig admits disappointment to its fans at the end (Reuters)Leipzig admits disappointment to its fans at the end (Reuters)
  • ’90+4
  • Judge's decision
  • The final whistle! Despite being better for 180 minutes, Leipzig is relegated to Real Madrid, who did Real again and advanced to the quarterfinals
  • ’90+1
  • acidification
  • The closest there is. Olmo almost forced dramatic extra time, but the Spaniard’s wonderful chip stopped just short of the crossbar and went wide
  • ’90
  • spare
  • Kampl was Roza’s last change as shenchans at the expense of Hydra
Xavi Simmons runs away from Tshwane (Reuters)Xavi Simmons runs away from Tshwane (Reuters)
Vinicius among the Leipzig players (Reuters)Vinicius among the Leipzig players (Reuters)
Feda Valverde in the fight with David Raum (Reuters)Feda Valverde in the fight with David Raum (Reuters)
  • ’85
  • spare
  • Briel Khoslo returned from injury and replaced Bellingham
  • ’85
  • spare
  • Elif Elmes replaced Schlager
  • ’85
  • spare
  • Baumgartner rose where he left
Vinicius Jr. with the ball (Reuters)Vinicius Jr. with the ball (Reuters)
  • ’82
  • acidification
  • Leipzig will regret the misses. Shashko stopped and braked to the corner, from which Urban was again left alone and somehow the brakeman managed to hit out on the edge of the 5 square
  • ’78
  • spare
  • Real Modric at the expense of Kroos
  • ’77
  • spare
  • Exchanges on both sides. With the Germans, Opanda left and Poulsen entered
Toni Kroos against Amado Hydera (Reuters)Toni Kroos against Amado Hydera (Reuters)
Bellingham and Schlager (Reuters)Bellingham and Schlager (Reuters)
  • ’75
  • yellow card
  • Simmons once again squeezed a yellow card from Real, this time from Toni Kroos
  • ’73
  • yellow card
  • Tshuamani received a yellow after a foul on Simmons
  • ’68
  • Gate
  • Gate! RB Leipzig equalized 1:1: there is a game. Only three minutes after Real’s advantage, the Germans equalized after Raum found Urban with a wonderful lift and the captain Zimek made it 2:1 in the aggregate
Jude Bellingham and Vinicius in Madness (Reuters)Jude Bellingham and Vinicius in Madness (Reuters)
Vinicius in the clouds (Reuters)Vinicius in the clouds (Reuters)
Jude Bellingham and Vinicius are smiling (Reuters)Jude Bellingham and Vinicius are smiling (Reuters)
Vinicius and Rodrigo celebrate (Reuters)Vinicius and Rodrigo celebrate (Reuters)
Vinicius runs to celebrate (Reuters)Vinicius runs to celebrate (Reuters)
  • ’65
  • Gate
  • Gate! Real Madrid went up 0:1: here is the penalty. Bellingham raced, sent a great depth to Vinicius and the Brazilian sent an arrow into the near corner to put Real up 0:2 on aggregate
Ancelotti lifted Modric to warm up (Reuters)Ancelotti lifted Modric to warm up (Reuters)
  • ’63
  • acidification
  • First kick to the frame in the 63rd minute. Rodrigo passed to Carvajal, ran, received back from the Spaniard and unleashed a bomb into the goal, Golaci headed to the corner
  • ’60
  • acidification
  • Real is finally dangerous. The Blancos came forward in a burst led by Vinicius, who passed a cross to Valverde, who left it to Bellingham with a touch and it was a good kick, but the ball actually hit Rodrigo, who certainly prevented a goal
David Raum vs Danny Carbajal (Reuters)David Raum vs Danny Carbajal (Reuters)
Vinicius nervous (Reuters)Vinicius nervous (Reuters)
  • ’54
  • yellow card
  • Vinicius got mad at Urban claiming he dived, pushed the brake hard and saw a yellow, the Brazilian doubt miraculously avoided a red
  • ’50
  • yellow card
  • Rodrigo just came in and has already made an impact. The Brazilian raced in a burst, Raum stopped him and received a yellow
  • ’46
  • spare
  • Ancelotti responded to a poor first half with a half-time substitution. Rodrigo went up, Camabinga went down

first half

Valverde and Bellingham attack (Reuters)Valverde and Bellingham attack (Reuters)
Luis Opanda runs (Reuters)Luis Opanda runs (Reuters)
Xavi Simmons rotated (Reuters)Xavi Simmons rotated (Reuters)
  • ’42
  • acidification
  • Once again opanda. The corner reached the Belgian, who, completely alone in the box, tried to kick to the near corner and the ball went past the crossbar
  • ’41
  • acidification
  • After 41 minutes, first kick to the frame. Xavi Simmons skillfully turned to the goal, Lunin leaped wonderfully and headed to the corner
Federico Valverde Miriam (Reuters)Federico Valverde Miriam (Reuters)
  • ’33
  • Other
  • A very relaxed pace at the Bernabeu. For a few minutes both sides struggled to create situations, Real controlled the ball a little more
Rudiger and Carvajal close Shasko (Reuters)Rudiger and Carvajal close Shasko (Reuters)
Xavier Schlager gets a yellow (Reuters)Xavier Schlager gets a yellow (Reuters)
  • ’20
  • yellow card
  • Schlager got on the scoreboard first when he stopped a breakaway with a foul on Vinicius
Luis Opanda takes the lead (Reuters)Luis Opanda takes the lead (Reuters)
Luis Opanda Dohr (Reuters)Luis Opanda Dohr (Reuters)
  • ’16
  • acidification
  • Upanda again, out again. The Belgian enjoyed a great pass from Olmo, but kicked very badly from inside the box and out
Jude Bellingham comes forward (Reuters)Jude Bellingham comes forward (Reuters)
  • ’13
  • acidification
  • Immediately on the other side, the guest’s chance. Simmons passed to Opanda and the latter on the edge of the box kicked badly out
  • ’12
  • acidification
  • First half mode. A big ball from Tshoumani found Vinicius and the Brazilian tried to shoot, but he did it with his shoulder instead of his head and the ball went out
  • ’1
  • Judge's decision
  • The match referee started the match!
Jude Bellingham in final preparations (Reuters)Jude Bellingham in final preparations (Reuters)
Vinicius is warming up (Reuters)Vinicius is warming up (Reuters)
Leipzig players feel the grass (Reuters)Leipzig players feel the grass (Reuters)

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