Warning about street soya.. You will not expect what will happen to your body when you eat it

Written by: Shaima Morsi

Sobia is one of the favorite Ramadan drinks for breakfast, but buying it from stores on the street may make you sick with many diseases.

Benefits of sobia in Ramadan

It helps treat thinness, because it contains 250 calories.

It maintains skin health, thanks to it containing vitamins B and A.

It helps stimulate the thyroid gland, because it contains vitamin A.

It contains zinc, which helps strengthen the immune system.

A natural laxative that prevents constipation.

A source of good fats.

Categories prohibited from eating sobia

Cholesterol patients if they eat it excessively, because it contains a high percentage of manufactured fatty preservatives.

Diabetics, because it contains a high percentage of sugar.

Insulin resistance patients.

Harmful effects of eating sobia from the street

Digestive system disorders, because it may be contaminated.

High blood sugar level, thanks to their more sugar content.



Food poisoning.

Infection with bacteria and germs.

Harmful for those with dairy or coconut allergies.

Weight gain if consumed in excess.

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