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Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Meta who will meet on Sunday in the final of the State Cup in Hadera. This is after the Yellows beat Hapoel Rehovot 0:3 in sets today (Friday) in the first semi-final game, and later on, Meta, which beat Kiryat Ata by the same score.

Maccabi Tel Aviv dominated throughout the entire set of the game and its key players demonstrated good ability which allowed the Galili coach to sometimes take advantage of parts of the game to allow minutes for the players of the squad. On the other hand, Rehovot tried to fight but was unable to rise above and achieve victory in any of the sets.

Hapoel Rehovot – Maccabi Tel Aviv 3:0 (25:16, 25:9, 25:15)
The game opened with an advantage and a run of 0:4 in favor of Maccabi Tel Aviv and a good ability of Sokolov. Barnik continued the yellow opening with 2:7. The gap increased to six points when Sokolov with a great ace, 4:10. Bachala added a point of his own and only continued to increase the gap of the yellows from the opponent, 7:16. Barnik with an important point to the credit of Maccabi Tel Aviv continued to place it in a good position towards the end of the campaign with 9:19. Valencia continued to increase the advantage, 11:23. Barnik with a point gives this campaign to Maccabi Tel Aviv, 15:25, 0:1.

The second set was again opened by Sokolov with an impressive opening of 2:5. A great ace of Valencia continued to increase the advantage and this time to seven points with 2:9. Barnick increased the lead by another point to 4:12. Bachala with three consecutive points increased the lead to double digits in a great game of the yellows, 5:16. The gap increased to 14 points with a point by Hershko and a mistake by Rehovot, 6:20. Sokolov with a point to end the set set up a victory of 8:25 for Maccabi. 0:2 Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Valencia started the campaign in a good way to win Maccabi Tel Aviv with 1:4. Rehovot entered the fray and managed to reduce the score to 5:7. Bachala with a great block increased the lead to 5:10. Burgi Valencia increased the lead to 6:13. Bachala continued his great ability with 8:15 for the yellows. Rehovot continued to try and narrow the gap and succeeded to 10:17. A point by Burgi in favor of Tel Aviv kept the advantage, 14:21. Bachela’s block won the campaign and the game for Maccabi Tel Aviv with 16:25, 0:3 in favor of Maccabi Tel Aviv.

To the credit of Maccabi Tel Aviv, the outstanding players were Sokolov with 12 points followed by Bachakala with 11 points. On the other hand, Motorani excelled in the streets with 7 points and Cohen with 6 points.

Hapoel Urban Kiryat Ata – Hapoel Mata Asher/Acre 3:0 (25,17,25:15,25:18)
The first set opened with 1:5 to Kiryat Ata with a good start by Barnov and Pirsov. Banov slightly narrowed the gap to 8:11. A block by Hazan narrowed the difference to just one point, 11:12. Banov continued to be a central part of the campaign for Meta Asher and achieved a 13:13 tie. Botin together with Banov made sure to change the result, 14:17 down. Meta Asher continued to increase the control of the campaign, 15:20. At the end of the first set Hapoel Meta wins with a score of 18:25.

The second set opened with a 0:3 run in favor of Meta Asher. A point by Sanchez later led to the increase of the advantage to 3:9 and opening a significant gap for the Reds. Baranov’s point managed to narrow it down slightly for Kiryat Ata, 7:13. A point by Stift increased the lead to eight points, 8:16 down Asher. A point by Botin led Meta Asher to lead 12:21 and take a safe lead in the game. Sanchez won the set with a great point and a ten point advantage, 15:25. 0:2 down asher.

The third set opened in a relatively close fashion when Botin led to 2:3 down Asher. Later Banov returned to lead Meta Asher with 7:9 to her credit. Nunez increased the lead by three points, 7:12. Sanchez and Nunez increased the lead by one more point, 10:16 to win Meta Asher. Stift led Meta Asher to her twentieth point. At the end of the campaign, the lower team wins the campaign and the game, 17:25, 0:3 lower team

The leading standout in Asher’s staff was Banov who gave 19 points to his team followed by Botin with 13 points. Kiryat Ata was led by Kuzmitz with 10 points followed by Pirsov with seven points.

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