Watch the summary: Hapoel Beer Sheva beat Ashdod with a huge goal by the talented Amir Ganach

Hapoel Beer Sheva won tonight (Saturday) 0:1 over MS. Ashdod in the game as part of the 26th and last round of the regular season. A beautiful goal by Amir Ganach (45+3) made the difference and each of the teams continued on their way: Beer Sheva to the upper playoffs and the fight for third place, and Ashdod to the lower playoffs and the fight to stay in the league. This is Beer Sheva’s fifth win in a row over Ashdod.

The first 40 minutes were weak, especially on the part of Beer Sheva who of course came as a clear favorite and would not be satisfied with anything but a victory. In these 40 minutes, Eliniv Barda’s team moved the ball slowly and imprecisely and failed to get close to the box, but after them everything opened up. Within 8 minutes (5 + 3 of added time) the Reds reached four points and were stopped by Ariel Harosh – until Amir Ganach scored a wonderful goal.

In the second half, Hapoel Beer Sheva returned to the weakness from the first 40 minutes. The pace was still quite fast, but the accuracy was particularly bad. Apart from one threat from Artur Shoshnachev who came on as a substitute, the Reds were not close enough to double the score and risked losing points. Ashdod, on the other hand, improved its performance after Yaakov Barihon came on, but it did not take advantage of its half chances to equalize.

The Hapoel Beer Sheva player, Amir Ganach, scores against M.S.  Ashdod
Perfect performance. Ganach conquers | Kobi Eliyahu

Hapoel Be'er Sheva coach Eliniv Barda, with Amir Ganach
Greetings from the coach. Ganach and Barda | Kobi Eliyahu

the progress of the game

The game has started. Which group will celebrate at the end?
Henty rose above everyone for a corner kick, hit the center of the goal and Eliasi caught
Maximo Levy burst deep and passed a good ball to Turgeman, who kicked and blocked for a corner
Ashdod is again a danger in the fund. This time Ben Harush struck while kneeling and the ball went past the crossbar and went out
Stoyanov hit weakly from an uncomfortable position and Roche had no trouble catching the ball
Half an hour has passed, meanwhile the game is weak, the pace is low and both teams are having a hard time getting into situations
Avani felt pain and had to leave, Robertson entered in his place in Ashdod
Lopes took a flat kick from 17 yards, but the ball rolled near the far post and wide
Badsh’s big mistake. The winger received a cross when he was in the center of the box, but he was not accurate enough and missed the goal
Shamir sneaked in a long free ball, kicked from the 5 square and saw Harush stop again
Old Omar took a flat kick from 20 meters and the ball whistled near the crossbar and went out
45+3: 0:1 to Hapoel Beer Sheva! Ganach received the ball near the corner of the box, cut to the right and kicked a curling ball to the far posts. Golasso of the young midfielder
Substitution in Ashdod at the start of the second half: Brihon in, Nachmani out
Barihon received the ball from Andazi in the box, tried to find the far corner and missed the frame
Stoyanov didn’t return well to Eliasi, Mamata “stole” the ball, tried to pass the goalkeeper and slipped, the ball rolled towards Canaan and Stoyanov arrived at the last moment and corrected with a clearance to the corner
Tibi sent a long ball, Ganach continued it with a bounce to Turjeman and the latter finished the move with an inaccurate kick to the billboard
Beer Sheva lost, Brihon left it to Mamata who kicked from the center of the box into the hands of Eliasi
Sefer and Shoshanachev entered Hapoel Beer Sheva instead of Ould Omar and Turgeman
Shoshnachev kicked a diagonal ball, sharp and flat, and Roush went down and the header was good
Harush entered instead of Saban in MS. Ashdod
Dadia replaced Maximo Levy in Hapoel Beer Sheva
Abergil came in instead of Canaan in Ashdod’s last substitution
Lopes fouled Brijon and received a yellow card
Eliasi Hatmahmah m Beit 5 and usfg tsuv al bazboz zamon
Medmon entered instead of Badash in Hapoel Be’er Sheva
Ben Harush received a yellow card after a foul on Ganach
The end of the game, 0:1 to Hapoel Beer Sheva over MS. Ashdod

The composition of the groups

Hapoel Beer Sheva

Coach: Eliniv Barda

The game setup


  • 29
    M. Levi

  • 4
    M. Vitor

  • 18
    A. Tibi

  • 22
    God. Loops

  • 27
    J. Stoyanov

  • 21
    A. Old Omar

  • 20
    P. dill

  • 24
    third. in the lapel

  • 17
    A. interpreter

  • 16
    A. Ganach

Substitutes bench:

  • 30
    A. Dadia

  • 7
    A. Book

  • 15
    A. from Damon

  • 9
    A. Shoshnachev

tax. Ashdod

Coach: Eli Levy

The game setup


  • 11
    R. Levi

  • 4
    ninth. Avani

  • 3
    third. Cohen

  • 23
    P. Ben Harush

  • 97
    G. Saban

  • 6
    M. Andazi

  • 10
    M. Canaan

  • 13
    A. the tendency

  • 28
    A. from Matta

  • 17
    S. Nachmani

Substitutes bench:

  • 5
    K. Robertson

  • 77
    J. in Rihon

  • 9
    That. the hemlock

  • 30
    R. Abergil
Guy Primor CEO
Harush received flowers and a photo before the game | Kobi Eliyahu

The continuation of the 26th cycle

Sunday, 20:00: Maccabi Tel Aviv – Hapoel Haifa (Sport4) Sunday, 20:30: Maccabi Haifa – Hapoel Tel Aviv

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