What does Osama Al-Muslim write “2-2”

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Even as I was having lunch yesterday at the invitation of a Moroccan writer who invited me to her elegant home full of Moroccan hospitality, and in the company of educated women, most of the conversation revolved around the Saudi writer, Osama Al-Muslim, and the crowds of young people who flooded the Rabat exhibition while waiting to meet him and obtain his signature. So where is the crisis in everything? It happened? In the phenomenon of crowds of young people? Or in the quality of what Osama Al-Muslim writes? Or in the meteoric rise of the Muslim name in the world of writing? Therefore, what happened to the cultural community on Saturday was not mere questioning, but the shock of discovery!

Intellectuals (writers, publishers, and many media professionals) have discovered that they are hearing the name of the writer who was somehow able to mobilize this huge number of young people in record time, to the point that some of them said that Arabic book fairs had never witnessed a situation like this, except for the repetition of the same queues at a fair. Cairo International Book Club is waiting for the writer himself, and therefore the research has become focused on the secret that lies in the novels or personality of the Muslim! Because a good number of Arab writers have been writing this type of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and stories of jinn and goblins for a long time, but none of them have achieved this overwhelming popularity for which the Rabat Exhibition recorded a true certificate of recognition.

It is known that Al-Muslim has so far written 26 novels, some of which consist of several parts. He wrote ten of them in just three years, most of which are mystery and suspense novels, secrets and mysteries, the mysteries of the seas, mermaids, witches, hidden worlds, and exaggerated horror.

These topics often constitute the interests of teenagers and young people who are obsessed with research, discovery and knowledge without caveats or fear. Here lies the problem, fear, or rather reservation, because no one objects to reading, no matter how simple it is. It is the first threshold of a building that will develop in the future to form readers and intellectuals. Fear of what might be possible. To lead to such readings and this strange form of attraction and polarization that actually raises questions!


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