Why weren’t sirens activated in certain areas of Israel on Holocaust and Remembrance Day?

Throughout the State of Israel today (Monday) is marked the Day of Remembrance for the martyrs of Israel’s systems and the victims of hostilities. Sirens were activated all over the country yesterday at 20:00 and today at 11:00, in the departure hall (check-in) in Terminal 3 no siren was activated today, yesterday no siren was activated in any airport and according to employees at airport, this was also the case on Holocaust Day .

The information about the intention not to activate sirens at Ben Gurion Airport was received by “Israel Today” this morning through messages that are passed between managers and employees at Ben Gurion Airport, that following the previous cases in which sirens were not activated, it was decided that a siren will not be activated in the terminal at Ben Gurion Airport today either.

Ben Gurion Airport (archive), Photo: Ami Shoman

In an address to the spokespersons of the Airports Authority, they clarified that the siren was not sounded yesterday due to a technical fault. When we asked why a siren was not activated on Holocaust Day, they ignored it and did not respond. At the same time, they promised that today at 11:00 a siren would be sounded at the airport, but according to testimonies that came to us, this was not the case, at least in the departure hall on the third floor of Terminal 3. According to the testimonies of passengers and employees at the airport, a siren was indeed sounded in the duty free area.

Employees at the airport gathered in a circle at Terminal 3 and sounded the siren from their personal phones, because according to their testimonies and the videos that came to us, no siren was activated in the departure hall at Terminal 3.

According to testimonies of passengers and workers at the airport, in the duty free area, a siren sounded (archive), Photography: Moshe Shay

The airport authority said: “Every year, at 11 o’clock, a 2-minute siren will sound throughout the terminal at the airport. The siren will be sounded on the public address system and the employees of the airport, as well as the passengers, will stand in remembrance of the fallen. Outside the building, the national siren will sound. Unfortunately, due to a technical fault it was not possible to activate the siren yesterday evening. This year, and in light of the situation, the activation of the sirens in the terminal on the days of remembrance is subject to security and safety considerations.’

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