With a limp: Denmark is in the eighth after 0:0 against Serbia

The outstanding actor

Frederic Raykovic, score: 7
The Serbian goalkeeper was not required to save the motherland too many times, but was alert and had a good game overall

The disappointing player

Alexander Mitrovich, score: 4
The striker was nervous, busy with provocations and above all he was unable to endanger Kasper Schmeichel’s goal at all

The closing round of the group stage of the Euros continued last night (Tuesday) when Denmark and Serbia parted with a disappointing 0:0, with Kasper Høllmand’s team qualifying for the round of 16, and Dragan Stojkovic’s men were eliminated.

The first half began at a hesitant pace as both teams mainly relied on long balls towards the strikers and failed to create real threats to the opponent’s goal. In the 23rd minute, a goal by the Danes was disallowed due to a foul by Rasmus Hevelon on Frederag Raykovic.

Shortly after the return from the break, in the 53rd minute, Luka Jovic kicked Joachim Andersen who scored an own goal, but this goal was also disallowed, this time on a different claim. The rest of the second half was conducted in exactly the same way as the first half, when the Serbs made all possible offensive exchanges, but still had a lot of difficulty getting into situations against the tough defense of the Reds.

At the end of the game, 0:0 gray and situationless between the two teams, who provided one of the weakest games so far in the tournament. Kasper Heulmand’s trainees will meet Germany in the next stage and hope to create a sensation against the impressive host.

second half

  • ’90+5
  • Judge's decision
  • Judge Francois Letsieu whistled for the end of the match!
  • ’90+2
  • acidification
  • What a miss by Sergey Milinkovich Savich! The midfielder received a great ball inside the box, which is completely free, but kicked very weakly into the hands of Kasper Schmeichel
  • ’88
  • spare
  • Kasper Heulmand’s last substitution: Christian Eriksen made way for Yusuf Poulsen
  • ’86
  • spare
  • Last substitution of the Serbs: Saša Lukić is out, Sergej Milinković Savić is in
Aleksandar Mitrovic and Joachim Andersen face off (Reuters)Aleksandar Mitrovic and Joachim Andersen face off (Reuters)
  • ’83
  • yellow card
  • Alexander Mitrovic also entered Francois Letsie’s notebook
  • ’81
  • acidification
  • Aleksandar Mitrovic kicked from outside the box, but the ball slipped past Kasper Schmeichel’s crossbar
  • ’77
  • spare
  • Victor Christensen replaced Alexander in it
  • ’77
  • spare
  • Double substitution of the Danes: Morten Jolmand went off the field, Thomas Delaney took his place
Kasper Heulmand is frustrated (Reuters)Kasper Heulmand is frustrated (Reuters)
  • ’73
  • spare
  • Another substitute for Dragan Stojkovic: Sardian Mihailovic made way for Filip Mladenovic
  • ’67
  • spare
  • Another offensive substitution by the Serbs: Dusan Vlahovic replaced Ivan Ilic
Strahinia Pavlovic vs. Andreas Skob Olsen (Reuters)Strahinia Pavlovic vs. Andreas Skob Olsen (Reuters)
Kasper Dolberg vs Nikola Milankovic (Reuters)Kasper Dolberg vs Nikola Milankovic (Reuters)
  • ’64
  • acidification
  • Yannick Vestergaard rose above everyone else and hit hard, but the ball went straight into the center of the goal by Frederag Rajkovic who easily caught
  • ’62
  • acidification
  • Morten Jolmand tried his luck from distance, but shot high over the goal
Joachim Andersen scores an own goal (Reuters)Joachim Andersen scores an own goal (Reuters)
Luka Jovic makes a goal (Reuters)Luka Jovic makes a goal (Reuters)
  • ’58
  • spare
  • Another substitution for the Danes: Kasper Dolberg replaced Rasmus Heylon
  • ’53
  • Judge's decision
  • Luka Jovic kicked Joachim Andersen who scored for himself, but the goal was disallowed due to a different claim
Ivan Ilyich vs. Morten Jolmand (Reuters)Ivan Ilyich vs. Morten Jolmand (Reuters)
Aleksandar Mitrovic vs. Joachim Andersen (Reuters)Aleksandar Mitrovic vs. Joachim Andersen (Reuters)
  • ’46
  • spare
  • Kasper Høllmand’s first substitution: Younes Wind is out, Andreas Skov Olsen is in
  • ’46
  • spare
  • Luka Jovic came in for Nemania Godli
  • ’46
  • spare
  • Double substitution of Dragan Stojkovic: Dusan Tadic took the field in place of Lazar Smardzic

first half

Sasha Lukic vs. Joachim Andersen (Reuters)Sasha Lukic vs. Joachim Andersen (Reuters)
Rasmus the curtain (Reuters)Rasmus the Curtain (Reuters)
Strahinia Pavlovic vs Alexander Ba (Reuters)Strahinia Pavlovic vs Alexander Ba (Reuters)
Joachim Andersen vs Alexander Mitrovic (Reuters)Joachim Andersen vs Alexander Mitrovic (Reuters)
Aleksandar Mitrovic vs Yannick Vestergaard (Reuters)Aleksandar Mitrovic vs Yannick Vestergaard (Reuters)
  • ’39
  • acidification
  • Younes Wind received the ball inside the Serbs’ box at the end of a nice attack, but kicked over the goal
  • ’32
  • acidification
  • Rasmus Huylon kicked Frederag Rajkovic’s near corner, the keeper caught it easily
Frederic Rajkovic Colt (Reuters)Frederic Rajkovic Colt (Reuters)
Andreas Christensen (Reuters)Andreas Christensen (Reuters)
  • ’29
  • yellow card
  • Morten Jolmand received a yellow card after a foul
  • ’27
  • yellow card
  • Younes Wind also entered Francois Letsier’s notebook
Sardian Mihilovic against Joachim Mahala (Reuters)Sardian Mihilovic against Joachim Mahala (Reuters)
Lazar Smerdzic vs Christian Eriksen (Reuters)Lazar Smerdzic vs Christian Eriksen (Reuters)
  • ’23
  • Judge's decision
  • Christian Eriksen lifted a corner kick into the area, which the Danes were able to push in, but Francois Letissier disallowed the goal due to a foul by Rasmus Havilon on Frederik Rajkovic
Younes Wind vs. Alexander Mitrovic (Reuters)Younes Wind vs. Alexander Mitrovic (Reuters)
Sasha Lukic vs. Morten Jolmand (Reuters)Sasha Lukic vs. Morten Jolmand (Reuters)
  • ’22
  • acidification
  • Christian Eriksen took advantage of a mistake in the defense and tested Frederic Rajkovic from distance, but the Serbian goalkeeper reacted well and headed for a corner
  • ’16
  • acidification
  • First situation for Danes. Alexander Bea got to Joachim Mehla’s lift, but shot wide from close range
Rasmus Havilon vs. Nikola Milankovic (Reuters)Rasmus Havilon vs. Nikola Milankovic (Reuters)
Aleksandar Mitrovic vs. Joachim Andersen (Reuters)Aleksandar Mitrovic vs. Joachim Andersen (Reuters)
  • ’4
  • yellow card
  • Nikola Milankovic received the first yellow card in the match
  • ’1
  • Judge's decision
  • Judge Francois Letsier kicked off the match!
Kasper Heulmand and Dragan Stankovic (Reuters)Kasper Heulmand and Dragan Stojkovic (Reuters)
Novak Djokovic (Reuters)Novak Djokovic (Reuters)
Denmark fans (Reuters)Denmark fans (Reuters)
Serbia fans (Reuters)Serbia fans (Reuters)

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