World Bible Quiz 2018: Shouting in the hall during Netanyahu’s speech

The 76th Independence Day: The World Bible Quiz was held at this time (Tuesday) at the Jerusalem Theater and 16 teenagers, 12 from the Diaspora and 4 from Israel, will compete for the title of Bride and Groom of the World Bible.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s blessing at the Bible quiz // L.A.M

At the beginning of the ceremony, a video of Prime Minister Netanyahu was shown. During his words, shouts were heard in the hall “Give them back now”.

Bible quiz participants, Photo: Ronen Horesh, LLC

Speaker of the Knesset Amir Ohana: “We have won a great privilege. The right to live in Jerusalem not next year but this year. And the duty we will be in next year as well. This is what we are fighting for. For the right to continue living in our country. Zionism’s biggest challenge is deepening its roots. This is the way to connect the people and their country.

“Only if we know our story, know the land of the Bible and the places where our ancestors went, only then will we know how to love the land. Our enemies know this and therefore try to distort history. But they will lose the battle and the battle for consciousness because the most powerful weapon on our side is the truth.”

Iris Haim, the mother of Yotam Haim who was accidentally shot by IDF forces, also came to judge the quiz and said: “We cannot fight only with weapons. That is not enough. The Bible is the spirit of the people of Israel. And we have him with us.”

Bible quiz contestants, Photo: Ronen Horesh, LLC

This year, in light of the “Iron Swords” war, the quiz is about the war. Perhaps the questions were Itiel Clemson, who was part of Elhanan’s team along with his uncles, the brothers Elhanan and Menachem Clemson, and Rachel Maofakim, who was held hostage for hours on October 7th and managed to be saved thanks to her bravery.

The judges of the ceremony will be the Speaker of the Knesset Amir Ohana, the writer of the questions Yoav Schlossberg, Amunah Cohen – the global bride of the Bible from last year, Iris Haim – the mother of Yotam Haim, who was killed by fire from our forces, Rabbi Yemima Mizrahi, Hadassah Ben Ari, the children’s author who wrote On the events of the war, KKL chairman Yifat Ovadia-Losky, chairman of the Jewish Agency Doron Almog and chairman of the World Zionist Organization Yaakov Hagoel.

Among the questioners were: Itiel Clemanzon, who was part of Elhanan’s team along with his uncles, the brothers Elhanan and Menachem Clemanson, and Rachel Maofakim, who was held hostage for hours on October 7 and managed to escape thanks to her bravery.

List of contestants:

1. Avitar Bargil – Israel
2. Noa Kahan – Israel
3. David Shasha – Israel
4. Yahav Noah Atlas – Israel
5. Dub Gothelf – USA
6. Noa Sauvell – Great Britain
7. Crystal Pearl – USA
8. Joseph Samson – Canada
9. Noah Greenblatt – DROA
10. Aviv Sharon – Canada
11. Mickey Sirolnik – USA
12. Sarah Harari – Panama
13. Ezra Goldberg – Canada
14. Emmanuela Millman – USA
15. David Abadi – Mexico
16. June Cady – Australia

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