Yanon Magal in the attack on the competitor: “Broadcasting Hamas propaganda”

In the Ovda program that aired yesterday (Thursday), Ilana Dayan conducted an interview with former Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman, an interview in which Argaman came out with a sharp attack on Prime Minister Netanyahu and claimed that he “is not qualified to be prime minister”. The emotional interview drew many reactions, including those who responded, Also Dayan’s competitor, “The Patriots” host Yanon Magal.

“Poisoning channels broadcast Hamas propaganda”

On his X account Magel attacked Dayan Vargman in a series of tweets. In one, he wrote about Dayan and her program: “I understand that I lost a full Hamas propaganda broadcast tonight as part of the ‘Ovda’ program” on Tarela 12, he wrote and added in another tweet: “While the Tarela channels are broadcasting Hamas propaganda in collaboration with degenerates and media people, our soldiers are fighting in the enemy”.

Ilana Dayan, an investigation that caused waves.

Ilana Dayan, “Classical Hegemony” Photo: Yonatan Sindel, Flash90

“A classic hegemony that repeatedly receives a camera and a microphone from a classic hegemony”

Magal devoted several more tweets to the issue and wrote, among other things: “Before the war, this was the reform because of which he went so far as to support the refusal of an order and talked about loyalty to the kingdom and not to the king. Now it is the recruitment of the ultra-Orthodox and that we are losing the United States, in short, a classical hegemony that repeatedly receives a camera and a microphone from a classical hegemony, in order to Bring back the days of ‘beautiful Israel’ and the government. Rotten.”

Acted behind Gabushel Lieberman?  The head returned"As scarlet

Crimson, the interview provoked many reactions. Photo: Flash 90. Miriam Elster

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