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The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth said that the Iranian attack, which it described as a failure, turned into an unexpected blessing for Israel, which calls for patience, restraint, and composure.

In an analysis by its author, Attila Sumfalvi, she emphasized that a thoughtful, non-hasty response would give better results than immediate reactions, highlighting that the “failed” Iranian attack gave Israel countless benefits.

To maintain these gains, the analyst says, Israel must not respond to Iran for the sake of responding just so as not to lose the new international support it has gained.

In his analysis, the writer listed the following seven matters as the most important of these gains:

  • Iran is now seen as the aggressor, and the whole world is against it.
  • For a moment, the world stopped focusing on me Gazarepresenting an opportunity for some diplomatic improvements.
  • The world has come to understand the Israeli narrative that claims that “Iran is a terrorist state,” and everyone is talking about failed Iranian missiles and drones, and about the amazing Israeli air defense systems.
  • The main Western countries, led by the United States, the true backbone of Israel – along with the “moderate” countries of the Middle East – worked together to prevent an Iranian attack on Israel. This is unprecedented, an achievement that no one would have imagined.
  • Overnight, Israel regained its position as a technological superpower in everything related to air defense and significantly improved its image in the field of precise intelligence, which is considered very important for raising morale after the October 7 operation.
  • Israel now has an exceptional opportunity to change the discourse and take the lead, and frame Iran in a very negative light. The matter depends on the influence capabilities of the Israeli regime, as there is enormous potential now to turn all attention towards Tehran as the “global capital of terrorism.”
  • The whole world has seen the “power of Iran” with which it has threatened Israel for years with military displays similar to North Korean military displays, and realized how fragile it is in the face of Israeli defense systems. In conclusion, it became clear that “Israel is strong and Iran is weak, and that Iran is the aggressor, and small Israel is defending itself successfully.” “.

The writer believes, in light of these gains, as he described, that any public and unsophisticated Israeli attack that does not produce tangible security achievements will not benefit Israel. Therefore, he suggests that Israel resort to secret operations such as bombing Iranian targets without leaving any trace, considering that this is what will strengthen Certainly, the aura surrounding Israel allows world powers to continue to support it, he said.

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