Zamalek takes first and second place in the Republic Championship for Trampoline Gymnastics

Achieve a club Zamalek During his participation in the Republic Championship for Trampoline Gymnastics for the 2024 sports season, he won a valuable and expensive victory in the first division competitions and the 14-year-old stage for women and men; He ranked first in the overall team, doubles and singles classifications.

In the lead, the African champion player, Ashraqat Sharif, took second place and the silver medal in the women’s first-class competition, which was under the leadership of Captain Islam Abu El-Ela.

The men’s under-14 team also competed strongly and achieved first place and the gold medal for the stage in the team competition, which included players Aser Osama Muhammad Khalaf, Karim Ibrahim Abu Khalil, and Mustafa Essam Fawzi. Also, Aser Osama and Karim Ibrahim won second place and a silver medal in Doubles competitions.

While the players of Zamalek Club in the U-14 women’s stage achieved a valuable victory by seizing second place in the Republic Championship “Teams”, which included Eten Mohamed, Maryam Walid Mohamed, Maryam Orabi, Hala Walid, and Razan Osama, who won the silver medal and received the second place cup.

The female players also won first and second place in the doubles competition, and they are Eten Muhammad, Maryam Walid, Maryam Orabi, and Hala Walid, while Eten Muhammad and Maryam Walid Muhammad, respectively, took seventh and eighth place in singles, respectively. Jana Amr Anwar, Eiten Hatem Fathi, and Kenzi Moataz also participated in the competitions in 14-year-old stage, ladies

For his part, the technical and administrative staff of trampoline gymnastics, led by Abu El-Ela Mohamed Ibrahim, the technical director of the trampoline sector, confirmed that the club has entered into strong competitions with clubs that have a great history in trampoline gymnastics for years, and this is considered the first and real competition in the history of Zamalek in the 14-year stage, which left its mark. Tangible and clear in the 2024 Republic competitions

He stressed that this performance will aim to participate in this stage in the African qualifiers scheduled to be held this month of March, in which the two female players, Ashraqat Sharif and Eten Mohamed Abdeen, will participate with the male players Aser Osama and Karim Ibrahim, a success to which both Islam Abu Al-Ela and Mohamed Ibrahim contributed. General coach for men, in cooperation with Mohamed Adel Al-Sayed, Mohamed Imad Abu Al-Futouh, Osama Mohamed Abdel Moneim, and Mohamed Osama Ali, in addition to Gamal Jaber Mohamed, the fitness coach, Medhat Abdel Qader, the administrative director, and Islam Ismail Mohi El-Din, the administrator of the trampoline sector.

It is noteworthy that Zamalek Club captured these positions within the 2024 republic competitions, in which Al-Jazira Sports Club, the Egyptian Hunting Club, the Sudanese Federation, the Foundation, Cairo and others participated.

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