Zamalek vs. Al-Ahly… Saif Al-Jaziri scores his first goal against Al-Ahly

Tunisian Saif Al-Jaziri, a club striker, succeeded Zamalekin scoring the lead goal for Al-Abyad in Al-Ahly, in the match currently being held at Cairo International Stadium, within the framework of the postponed match from the tenth week of the Egyptian League. nile.

Saif Al-Jaziri’s goal today in Al-Ahly is the Tunisian’s first since his arrival to Zamalek, in addition to his assist for 3 goals in the seventh match in which he participated with Al-Abyad.

The match started quietly by both teams due to extreme caution, and the sixth minute witnessed the first danger on the part of Zamalek after Abdullah Al-Saeed played a long ball that Mustafa Schubert blocked with his head, but Rami Rabiaa failed to control the ball well, so Zizou intervened and was alone with the Al-Ahly goalkeeper before Rabiaa corrected his mistake and extracted the ball. The ball is between Zizou’s feet.

Zamalek took control of the match, searching for the lead goal, and Gomez made an forced substitution for Zamalek, replacing Matiama with Zizou, who was injured in Rami Rabia’s ball, and despite receiving treatment, he failed to complete the participation, so Gomez was forced to bring in Matiama instead of him in the 16th minute.

Zamalek continued to put pressure on Al-Ahly, and Karim Nedved received a yellow card for roughness with Nasser Maher in the 21st minute, and Mohamed Abdel Moneim saved a dangerous opportunity for Zamalek.

The referee awarded a direct free kick to Zamalek from a good position in front of Mustafa Schubert’s goal, which Abdullah Al-Saeed shot wide of the net. Al-Ahly continued its declining performance amid possession from Zamalek, and Zamalek’s pressure resulted in a white goal scored by Saif Al-Jaziri in the 45th minute, taking advantage of a good pass from Nasser Maher.

After the goal, Al-Ahly tried to return to the match, but to no avail, especially in light of the clear decline on the part of most of the team’s players, so the first half ended with Zamalek leading by a clean goal.

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