“Now I can stand on my feet.”.. the first statement from Habiba Al-Shamaa’s father after the imprisonment of the Uber driver

A state of relief and contentment prevailed among the family Habiba Al-Shamma After a 15-year aggravated prison sentence was issued against the Uber driver accused of trying to kidnap the victim before her death. Ayman Al-Shamaa, Habiba’s father, expressed his satisfaction with the ruling issued against the accused, continuing: “Now I can stand on my … Read more

Israeli media: Rockets landed on Mount Meron in Upper Galilee

Written by Muhammad Sharqawi Tuesday, April 16, 2024 07:00 PM Cairo News Channel reported in its breaking news that Israeli media reported Missiles falling On Mount Meron in Upper Galilee. The occupation forces continue to launch hundreds of raids, artillery shelling, and carry out crimes throughout the Gaza Strip, committing bloody massacres against civilians, … Read more

Questions about Modeste’s participation with Al-Ahly, despite the decline in his level and capabilities

The participation of Frenchman Anthony Modeste, Al-Ahly striker, throughout the past period has mainly raised question marks within the Egyptian football street in general and among the walls of the Red Castle in particular. Questions about Modest’s level preoccupied many people in Al-Ahly because of Kohler’s insistence on playing him as a starter at the … Read more