10 ambulances, an amputated arm, and a body.. Details of the Sharqia students’ accident – pictures

11:10 p.m

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Al-Sharqiya – Islam Abdel Khaleq:

Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Sharqia, revealed the details of the accident where a microbus with a number of students from a private university on board overturned and collided with another car at the top of the regional road in the city of 10th of Ramadan, which occurred this Sunday morning, claiming the life of a female student and injuring nine others.

The Governor of Al-Sharqiya said in his statements, a short while ago, that he checked on those injured in the accident that resulted in a microbus carrying students from a private university overturning and colliding with another car on the regional road in the direction of the Tenth of Ramadan, mourning the death of one of the female students as a result of the accident.

For her part, Dr. Asma Abdel Azim, the official spokeswoman for the Sharkia Governorate, confirmed that the main operations room at the General Office had received a notification from the Health Affairs Directorate stating that a collision had occurred, resulting in a microbus carrying students of a private university overturning on the regional road in the direction of 10th of Ramadan City. .

The official spokeswoman for Sharkia Governorate explained that the accident resulted in the death of a female student and the injury of 9 others, noting that immediately after the accident occurred, 10 ambulances moved to the accident site and the injured were transferred to the Tenth of Ramadan University Hospital to receive all necessary health care and treatment.

The body of the deceased student was transferred to the hospital’s morgue and kept at the disposal of the Public Prosecution.

The official spokeswoman for Al-Sharqiya Governorate indicated that the cases of injury varied between amputation of the arm, fractures, wounds, bruises and abrasions in various parts of the body, stressing that the Al-Sharqiya Governorate stressed providing all aspects of health and treatment care for the injured, conducting the necessary medical examinations for them, and not leaving the hospital until they are recovered. To heal.

The governor offered his condolences and sympathy to the family of the deceased student, praying to God Almighty to shower her with His vast mercy and to grant the injured people recovery and the return to their families in peace.

10 students were killed and injured in a microbus accident in Sharqia

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