103FM – Rivka Michaeli – “There were moments of immense magic”


Ricky Gal recalled with longing the filming period of the program ‘The Red River Valley’, conceived by the late Dan Biron: “His presence had a great impact on us”

The singer, actress and creator Ricky Gal, who, among other things, took part in the television program ‘Emek Nahar Ha’Adom’, conceived by the late Dan Biron, recalled the special and exciting period, and Biron: “I miss Dan very, very much. The tall man with those curls and that piercing gaze. His presence had a great impact on us. In the ‘Red River Valley’ event, which we did in such difficult conditions of Eilat, desert and strong winds, but there were moments of immense magic.”


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Ricky Gal

Ricky Gal &nbsp| Photo: Eyal Ashkenazi

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