International Women’s Day.. How do countries around the world celebrate the sweet half on March 8?

It is celebrated On International Women’s Day All over the world on the eighth of March every year, it is an occasion aimed at celebrating women and highlighting the economic, political and social achievements of women, and highlighting the steps that need to be taken to achieve gender equality. Below are ten different ways in which people celebrate in different countries. Around the world on this occasion, according to the “girlguiding” website:

Yellow flowers in Italy

In Italy, women are traditionally presented with small bouquets of small yellow flowers known as “mimosas” on March 8th. The mimosa is a symbol of female strength, and women often pass some flowers among themselves as a sign of female solidarity.

Cards and flowers in Romania

In Romania, they celebrate International Women’s Day in a similar way to Mother’s Day, where people, especially men, express their gratitude to their mothers, grandmothers and girlfriends who have children by giving them cards and flowers.

Gift exchange in Russia

Although March 8 has been considered a public holiday in Russia since 1918, the original meaning of the day seems to have forgotten its political roots, and instead women are generally celebrated by exchanging gifts.

Half day vacation for women in China

Although Girl’s Day in China falls on March 7, the country has also been celebrating International Women’s Day since 1949. On March 8, employers in China are encouraged – though not required – to give their female employees half a day off . However, there is a strong commercial aspect to the day, as men are encouraged to buy gifts for the women in their lives.

Marches in Australia

Australians have been celebrating International Women’s Day for decades, but parades have become particularly popular since the early 1970s. The day itself takes place across the country with a variety of panel discussions, snacks and events featuring prominent women in their fields, speaking out to demand greater representation, equality and diversity in all fields.

3-day festival in Britain

The Women of the World Festival is held in London over three days, including International Women’s Day. The festival includes speakers, activists and artists coming together to confront issues facing women globally. The festival was founded in the UK and there are now sister festivals in other parts of the world, with talks, lectures and exhibitions overlapping and feeding into each other under one name.

Drum marches in Chile

The day is marked with marches in many cities, especially the capital, Santiago, where protesters wear green head coverings to symbolize their support for sexual and reproductive rights. Protests include chants, drums and even elaborate costumes.

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