50 piasters per loaf.. when the prices of tourist living will decrease

11:16 p.m

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Tourist bread

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Abdullah Ghorab, head of the Bakeries Division, said that the division will hold a meeting after the Eid al-Fitr holiday to discuss the pricing of free loaf in light of the new developments of the decrease in the price of flour and others.

In a special statement to Masrawy, Ghorab confirmed that decisions will be taken to guarantee the citizen’s rights in light of the decline in prices.

Hazem El Menoufy, Head of the Food and Grocery Division, at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, announced that free-range flour prices dropped today by 2,000 pounds per ton to record 16,000 pounds, while some varieties recorded 14,000 pounds, marking the fourth decrease in two months, as the price reached 26,000 pounds, bringing the decline to 10 thousand pounds.

For his part, Khaled Fekry, General Secretary and spokesman for the Bakeries Division in Cairo, said that the price of a loaf will fall to what it was before last October 7, when the price of flour fell to the same level.

He added that the division in Cairo will hold a meeting within a week to discuss the new pricing of the loaf according to various data, including a decrease in the price of flour, but there is an increase in the prices of diesel, yeast, and bakery labor.

Fikri predicted that the price of the loaf that is now sold for 1.5 pounds will decrease to 1 pound only, and the loaf that is sold for 3 pounds to 2.25 pounds per loaf, explaining that the decrease in the loaf will not reach 40% as is rumored because the increase has not reached the same percentage and that… Everyone takes into account the increase in the prices of some production inputs and not only the decrease in flour.

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