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She woke up from her sleep one afternoon, heading with normal steps towards her son’s room to wake him from his sleep. She called him in a gentle voice, but no response came. So she shook him gently, but he did not show any movement. Suddenly a strange feeling penetrated her heart, and Heba Al-Suwaidi was surprised that her son was dead and gone. Without saying goodbye to her, leaving his brothers “Abdul Rahman, Khadija, and Yahya” to share her sadness over his loss, she celebrated his birth day a few months ago and paid tribute to him with touching words, which increased the search for information about Ibn Hiba Al-Suwaidi.

7 information about Ibn Hiba Al-Suwaidi

During the past months, Heba Al-Suwaidi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, celebrated the celebration The people of Egypt On the day of the birth of her late son, “Ismail,” she wrote touching words on her personal Facebook page, which made some people wonder about information about Heba Al-Suwaidi’s son and the cause of his death, especially after the post received hundreds of comments.

Heba Al-Suwaidi spoke about her son, “Ismail,” whom she described as her favorite son during her hosting of a previous episode of the “With You” program with the journalist Mona El-Shazly. In the following lines, we review some information about him:

Ismail died at the age of 18.

Heba Al-Suwaidi’s son was ranked second among his siblings: Abdul Rahman, 30 years old, Ismail, Khadija, 24 years old, and Yahya, 17 years old.

Heba Al-Suwaidi’s son was studying in a boarding school in England and died during the vacation period he was spending with his family in Egypt.

He left before he could be happy about successfully enrolling in the university he had always dreamed of.

– Ismail loved drawing and continued to practice drawing during the last 6 months of his life.

He loved sports and was keen to practice it for about 3 to 4 hours a day.

– Ismail had a kind and affectionate personality, according to his mother’s words, and he was keen on perseverance and diligence, so he represented “Heba Al-Suwaidi’s weakness.”

Ismail died due to challenging a popular online game that causes a child to hang himself with a rope for a long time to measure his endurance.

Heba Al-Suwaidi was surprised by the death of her son when she went to his room to tell him that he had been accepted into the university in England, only to find him hanging with a rope and a lifeless body lying on the floor.

– Some news circulated at the time that his death was due to his attempt to end his life, but it was later proven that Famous game challenge It was the cause of his death.

Ismail was buried next to his grandfather, Heba Al-Suwaidi’s father, in the same cemetery.

Ismail Ibn Heba Al-Suwaidi on his 27th birthday

On his 27th birthday, Heba Al-Suwaidi wrote a post in which she mourned her son who had never left her memory, saying: “Many times, a person separates his heart and feelings so that he does not face his pain, just as they have a home in their hands because facing them means facing the painful reality that his mind is unable to accept, even if He decided to surrender and be satisfied with God’s decree. I have been doing this for a long time, but yesterday and today, unfortunately, the home is no longer getting any results, and you have passed your 27th birthday, and you are not in my arms and you are not with me, and the pain of parting with you does not diminish or lessen.”

Heba Al-Suwaidi added: “9 years have passed and you are present and absent, and my longing for you has turned into hope. I sleep to dream of you and take you in my arms and hear your voice even in my dream. The words are over and the pain does not end or diminish, and the tape of memories from the day you were born rolls in front of my eyes like a movie, pay my life.” It is a poem and it will never end, but you will remain with me in my heart, my soul, and the soul that I breathe until the last day. Happy New Year, Ismail. Happy New Year, Ismail. Happy New Year, in the bliss of our Lord and the paradise of eternity in the company of the best people. Happy New Year, my son. I love you, dearer than my soul.

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