A consultant for “Okaz”: The “Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr” summit is a public struggle renewed in the derby – Saudi News

Family and Community Medicine Consultant, Dr. Muhammad Bakr Qandeh, considered that the Riyadh derby match that brought together Al Hilal and Al Nasr in the 32nd round of the Roshan Professional League competition is considered an exceptional football summit, explaining to “Okaz” that such matches attract the attention of all fans without exception, in addition to The attention of critics and sports analysts because it bears the character of the masses and the historical conflict between the two teams, in addition to that, the psychological tension increases in anticipation of the final result of the match.

Qandeh said that there are three important things in the Riyadh derby match:

⁃ Striving for victory to prove the presence and right to win and put a smile on the faces of sports fans. Therefore, the conflict is historical and rooted. Victory here will not be for the sake of obtaining points as long as Al Hilal is crowned in the league, but rather it will be for the sake of recording a new victory in the team’s record.

⁃ The struggle between the coaches of Al Hilal and Al Nasr to achieve victory. The competition will inevitably be as great as the importance of this match, as both of them are seeking to prove their presence and superiority in this summit.

⁃ The fans of the two teams are also interested in achieving victory based on the historical conflict between the two clubs, and not in order to achieve points. The Al Hilal fans breathed a sigh of relief with the coronation, and the Nassar fans with the runner-up. Points are not important here as much as the demand for victory.

Qandeh continued: From a psychological standpoint, the balance may be largely equal, as both teams have senior players with great experience. It is expected that we will witness a strong match and a high fighting spirit, which may not be devoid of yellow cards and may reach red cards in the event of intensification of competition and many errors resulting from the result. Strong violence.

He added: It is difficult to predict the outcome of this match or put a specific image for it. Since ancient times, we have been witnessing the great competition between the two teams, and determining the winner from now on and dedicating an image of that on social media platforms is a departure from the sporting spirit, as the world of football does not recognize the impossible and is full of With surprises.

Dr. confirmed. Qandeh said that it is expected that we will watch a strong match worthy of the rounds of arrivals and reputation of the two teams, and the victory will be closer to the team that will implement the coach’s plan to the letter, avoid mistakes, have high physical fitness, avoid overconfidence, do not underestimate the rival team, and play in the spirit of one team, away from diligence. Individuality that may pave the way for loss.

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