A court ruling against the doctor who caused Iman Al-Hosary’s injury

06:38 PM

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Books – Tarek Samir:

Today, Saturday, the New Cairo Misdemeanor Court upheld the imprisonment sentence of the accused who caused disability to the Egyptian media personality, Iman Al-Hosary, for two years with work.

The New Cairo Misdemeanor District Court had sentenced a doctor to two years in prison with labor and required him to pay bail for his accusation in Case No. 7691 of 2021, Misdemeanor, Fifth Division, New Cairo.

The accused had performed surgery on journalist Iman Al-Hosary, and the accused caused the latter to suffer a major health crisis as a result of a medical error that almost killed her.

The incident dates back to April 2021, when the famous broadcaster was admitted to a hospital to undergo intestinal and colon surgery, and her condition deteriorated suddenly and rapidly, almost putting her at risk of death.

It turned out that the doctor who performed the surgery committed a medical error, which led to her undergoing a new surgery to repair it, but he caused several other errors that led to the broadcaster undergoing 7 consecutive surgeries in 21 days.

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