A diplomatic source reveals Hamas’ position on a ceasefire proposal during the recent talks in Cairo

(CNN)– A diplomatic source familiar with the negotiations confirmed, on Sunday, that Hamas rejected the last proposal Which was issued during the recent Cairo talks to reach a ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

In its response to the mediators, Hamas “reaffirmed its position” on the unrestricted right of Gazans to return north to their homes, and the redeployment of Israeli forces away from central Gaza, the source said. These are the demands that Hamas adhered to and Israel resisted.

In addition, the diplomatic source explained that Hamas continues to say that the second phase of the ceasefire agreement must end with a permanent end to the fighting. Israel has shown no willingness to discuss ending the war.

Network reportedCNN Earlier, recent discussions in the Egyptian capital included a new proposal from the United States stipulating that Israel release about 900 Palestinian prisoners, in exchange for the 40 Israeli hostages expected to be released in the first phase of the ceasefire agreement.

The diplomatic source said that Hamas “indicated its willingness to discuss the matter positively once other issues are addressed.”

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