A fierce attack on Tamer Hosni because of a company advertisement

The artist Tamer Hosni was subjected to a violent attack on the first day of the holy month after displaying the advertisement he presents for one of the food products companies that many are boycotting because of its support for the Zionist entity, even though he had previously announced the cessation of his artistic activity to support the Palestinian people.

In his new advertisement, Tamer appeared imitating Al-Musaharati. He also presented, with the participation of a number of stars, a dance song containing scenes from the atmosphere of Ramadan in the Egyptian street.

As soon as the attack was launched on Tamer Hosni, more than a million people unfollowed him on social media, while others spoke about the astronomical fee that Tamer received for the advertisement, as it was reported on social media sites that he received approximately a million dollars in exchange for filming the advertisement.

It is noteworthy that Tamer Hosni recently performed an international concert in the city of Pontcana in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

Tamer appeared on the concert stage wearing white clothes, and white dominated the clothes of the audience, who interacted greatly with the songs of their favorite artist.

Tamer Hosni went up to the stage singing the song “Happiness Hormone” amid cheers and shouts of admiration from the audience of various Arab and foreign nationalities, and he was keen to greet them with a warm reception.

At the ceremony, Tamer performed a large number of his distinctive show songs that he excelled in throughout his artistic career, including: “We Don’t Have a Feeling,” “Every Time,” “Sweet Place,” “Yana Ya Mafish,” “Arjaali,” “Qismah wa Nasib.” In addition to songs from his latest album “Ashanji”, including: “Khadna Manna”, “Ahla Kalam”, “Don’t Go This Way”, “Like These Days”, “Sajil Ya Tarik”, “Our Tours”, “Leh Talla”.

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