A Hebrew channel publishes an audio recording of three Israeli prisoners before the occupation army killed them in Gaza

Special translation – Quds Network: The Hebrew channel Kan published a new audio recording documenting the cries of three Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip.

The channel said that the recordings were taken from a GoPro camera that was mounted on one of the dogs used by the occupation army during its ongoing war on the Gaza Strip.

In the audio recording, which was published by the channel, one of the Israeli prisoners can be heard screaming: Save us, save us, we are at the bottom of the stairs, we are Israeli prisoners.

The channel says, “While they were screaming, occupation snipers opened fire on them and killed them.”

One of the three prisoners said that his son and the other two prisoners tried by various means to convey messages to the occupation soldiers that they were Israeli prisoners, while the occupation army thought they were resistance fighters and that there was an ambush to lure the soldiers into the building.

According to the Hebrew channel, the three prisoners raised a white flag, as well as their shirts, and approached an area where the occupation soldiers were present, surrendering, while the soldiers opened fire on them, and when the soldiers arrived at the location of the bodies, they discovered that they were Israeli prisoners.

Quoting the father of one of the prisoners, if the soldiers had arrived at the place urgently, they would have been able to treat his son and save his life.

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