A legal source reveals developments in a report accusing Helmi Bakr’s widow of causing…

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Books – Mahmoud Al-Shorbaji:

A legal source revealed the details of the report submitted by Hisham Bakr, son of the late musician Helmy Bakr, who accuses her of causing his father’s death and the deterioration of his health.

The source said in exclusive statements to “Masrawy” that the report has been referred to the competent investigation authorities to initiate investigations into it in the coming days.

The report of the son of the late musician Helmy Bakr against his father’s widow, No. 16482 of 2024, was registered in the petitions of the Technical Office of the Public Prosecutor, and was referred to the First Attorney General of the Appeals Prosecution Office to examine the report.

Counselor Mortada Mansour said in a previous statement to Masrawy that Hisham, the son of musician Helmy Bakr, had authorized him to take the procedures for burying his father and follow up on the legal situation regarding his death.

Mansour added that he will file a report against the wife of the late musician Helmy Bakr – after coordination with Hisham – in which he will accuse her of kidnapping the musician. “They kidnapped him while he was alive and when he was dead.”

Counselor Mortada Mansour had submitted a report to the Public Prosecutor, in his capacity as agent for Hisham Helmy Bakr Nag, against the widow of the deceased, and another named Ali Al-Saadi, known as Bassam, accusing them of causing the death of Helmy Bakr.

Mortada Mansour, defending Hisham Helmy Bakr, said in his report that the late Helmy Bakr, in a number of his phone calls and television interviews, sought help because the first defendant was assaulting him by beating him, whether by herself or by a number of thugs she hired, and several reports were written about these assaults, including, for example, This is not limited to Report No. 7283 of 2019, Agouza misdemeanors.

The great musician Helmy Bakr passed away after a struggle with illness, leaving an artistic legacy of musical works during which he collaborated with major song stars in Egypt and the Arab world, including: Najat Al-Saghira, Warda, Mohamed Rushdi, Asala, in addition to composing the soundtracks for a large number of songs. Distinctive works throughout his long artistic career.

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