A new Israeli massacre against Palestinians waiting for aid trucks in Gaza

Written by Abdel Wahab El Gendy

Sunday, March 3, 2024 06:48 PM

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced, on Sunday evening, that the Israeli occupation forces had committed a crime A new massacre Against citizens at the Kuwait Roundabout in Gaza City.

She said that the occupation forces opened fire on citizens at the Kuwait roundabout while they were waiting for aid trucks loaded with flour, which led to the death and injury of dozens of citizens..

She added that the occupation forces are carrying out systematic genocide crimes targeting hungry stomachs in northern Gaza.

Earlier today, occupation warplanes bombed a small truck carrying humanitarian aid in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, killing eight citizens and wounding others..

Last Thursday, the occupation forces and tanks stationed on the Harun al-Rashid coastal road, west of Gaza City, opened machine gun fire towards thousands of citizens near the Nabulsi roundabout who were waiting for trucks loaded with humanitarian aid to arrive, which led to the death of 117 citizens and the injury of hundreds..

Yesterday, Saturday, the occupation forces targeted a group of citizens who were waiting for humanitarian aid to arrive near the Nabulsi roundabout, northwest of Gaza City, which led to the death of a citizen and the injury of 26 others..

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