A portrait of Charles III raises controversy in Britain.. How did the king comment?

The opinions of residents in the British capital, London, differed regarding the first portrait painting For King Charles She has been painting him since his coronation last May.

The painting, by artist Jonathan Yeo, shows Charles against a background of bright red tones wearing the uniform of the Welsh Guards military unit, with a butterfly hovering just above his shoulder.

said Yu, 53, who has also painted before The late Prince Philip, Charles’ fatherin a statement: “Like the butterfly I painted over his shoulder, this portrait has evolved as has the role of its owner in our public life.”

He added: “My goal was also to refer to the traditions of royal portraiture, but in a way that reflects royalty in the twenty-first century, and above all conveys the deep human meanings enjoyed by its owner.”

“Really fantastic”

For his part, he said King Charles After unveiling the painting, Liu said, “I really congratulate you. Fantastic.” As for Londoners, some of them saw the painting as “terrible,” while others considered it “different.”

“I think it’s nice, different from what you would normally see in royal portraits. I’d say it’s more modern, so I think it’s OK overall,” said a walker in a park in London, named Liu.

As for Sarah, who is also a Londoner, she said: “It’s kind of hideous… I think it might look more attractive in a photograph.”

Nick, a hiker in a park in London, was not very impressed with the predominantly red color of the painting, commenting: “It’s too red. It looks like a massacre or something here.”

He added, “Is this the official portrait? This is shocking. It would probably be very appropriate as an album cover for L.Lrock music..This is really interesting!”

Buckingham Palace said that the commission to paint the painting, which was unveiled at the palace on Tuesday, dates back to 2020 to celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2022 of Charles, who was still the Prince of Wales, as a member of the Drapers Charitable Society.

Those previously drawn by Yeo include British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough, and award-winning actress… Academy Award winner Nicole KidmanAnd former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The palace reported that the oil painting is expected to be displayed at Drapers Hall in the City of London, the financial district of the capital, from the end of August.

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