A “red alert” spreads across Jordan, and meteorology warns residents: “Prepare for what is coming at nightfall!”

The Meteorological Department warned that Jordan would continue to be affected by the extension of the Siberian high air pressure on Thursday night, dawn and Friday morning.

It is expected that the weather tonight will be generally cold in various regions, becoming very cold in the dawn and early morning hours, especially in the eastern desert.

This coincides with the Kingdom being affected by active, dry eastern winds, which play an important role in increasing the feeling of coldness, especially in the western regions.

During the daytime hours of Friday, Jordan is increasingly affected by the Siberian air high, and the weather is sunny and cold in various regions and sometimes dusty in some areas, and active southeasterly winds blow, with sometimes strong and dusty gusts in the western regions, including the mountainous highlands, the Shifa Ghuriya areas, the Jordan Valley, and the Dead Sea. It increases the feeling of coldness in various areas.

At night, the weather is cold to very cold, more clearly than the previous nights, with the appearance of high clouds. In the east of the Kingdom, the weather is very cold, as the low in the early morning hours approaches zero degrees Celsius, while the south-easterly winds continue to blow, which will be clearly active. In the western regions, this will increase the feeling of coldness.

Meteorology called for the need to be alert to the severity of the cold, to take into account the safe use of heating methods, and to be alert to active eastern winds and dust raised in the western regions of the Kingdom, including the Dead Sea.

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