A senior US official resigns after warning against “bear hugs”

Although Miller He told his colleagues, on Friday, that he left his job to spend more time with his family. The Washington Post report said that his decision comes in objection to the United States allowing the killing of tens of thousands by… Israel in Gaza.

The newspaper described Miller’s resignation as “a setback for American diplomats who are seeking a greater break with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right coalition.”

Miller’s resignation comes amid growing frustration inside and outside the US government regarding the large number of civilian deaths in Gaza, which has exceeded 37,000 so far according to health authorities in the Strip.

According to the Washington Post, Miller is described as “a principled supporter of Palestinian rights and residency.” Palestinian state“And a careful thinker about Middle Eastern affairs.”

Before focusing his work on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Miller was a political advisor to the US Ambassador to the United Nations, and during the administration of former President Barack Obama he served as director of military issues for Egypt and Israel in the National Security Council at the White House.

According to the American newspaper, Miller had warned against what he called the “bear hug,” referring to an embrace shot Biden To Netanyahu during the first visit to Tel Aviv, during the days following the Hamas attack.

It is believed that Miller believed that the influence that the United States enjoyed over Israel, as its largest military, economic and political supporter, could have been used more effectively to prevent the killing of civilians in Gaza.

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