A sudden drop in the price of the Saudi riyal against the Egyptian pound today.. How much did it arrive?!

Many citizens need to follow the prices of foreign currencies on the black market and Egyptian banks, and its price in the banks was stable today, Monday, March 4, 2024, and this was in conjunction with the approaching Umrah season in the holy month of Ramadan, and its price against the Egyptian pound in the parallel market was lower than The beginning of the new year, after its price rose and reached 19 Egyptian pounds, but it decreased again these days. Therefore, you can transfer all the money before traveling from any bank branch near you, but under certain conditions.

The price of the Saudi riyal on the black market

The price of the Saudi riyal on the black market

Supply and demand for the Saudi currency increased due to the Hajj season, but the price on the black market decreased significantly, and today the price of the Saudi riyal reached 11.4 Egyptian pounds, after the announcement by the Council of Ministers of the major investment deal between Egypt and the United Arab Emirates in Ras El Hekma on the North Coast.

The price of foreign currencies is determined according to several factors that control the price of the currency, including supply and demand. Since the beginning of the new year, currency prices have become unstable on the black market.

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The price of the Saudi riyal in Egyptian banks

The price of the Saudi riyal on the black market

The Saudi riyal is considered one of the currencies that many people ask about every day in Egypt due to Umrah and Hajj. This is its price in Egyptian banks:

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80,000 thousand Egyptian pounds, how much is it worth in Saudi Arabia?

When converting 80 thousand Egyptian pounds into Saudi riyals, it will be as follows: 7,017 Saudi riyals.

What is the price of the riyal in Western Union?

The price of the Saudi riyal in Western Union today, Monday, was 8.16 Egyptian pounds, and the price varies from time to time.

Is it possible to transfer money from Egypt to Saudi Arabia?

Indeed, yes, you can easily transfer money from Egypt to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by visiting your nearest Western Union branch.

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