The strongest discounts and sales at the lowest prices in Sultan Kuwait.. Hurry before the stock runs out

The strongest offers and the strongest prices offered on fresh and non-fresh food products. These offers are presented by Sultan Hypermarket Kuwait starting on Wednesday, February 28 and remaining until Tuesday, March 5, 2024 AD. These offers are available in all branches of Sultan Hypermarket available in Kuwait.

Sultan Hypermarket offers

The best offers from Sultan Hypermarket

  • One kilo Egyptian potato: priced at 0.170 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 0.345 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Chilled New Zealand lamb shoulder per kilo: priced at 2.390 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 3.990 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Hilal frozen whole chicken, 1000 grams, 10 pieces: priced at 9,500 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 11,900 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Smart Value Sunflower Oil 4 Liter: Priced at 1.750 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 2.995 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Al-Mutamad Basmati rice 5 kg: priced at 1.690 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 2.270 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Tang assortment of powdered juice with different flavors, 2 kilograms per piece: at a price of 1.990 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 3.300 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Vimto fruit juice 710 ml: priced at 0.490 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 1.990 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Babila granite cooking set, 9 pieces: priced at 17,990 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 32,990 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Century XL Basmati Rice 20 kg: priced at 10.990 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 14.025 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Sunwhite Calrose Rice 5 kg: priced at 2.250 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 2.820 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Al Wazzan white sugar 5 kg: priced at 1.390 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 1.790 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Afia Corn Oil 1.5 Liter Marhaba 2 Pieces: Priced at 2.790 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 3.775 Kuwaiti dinars.

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Sultan Hypermarket Kuwait

The best offers from Sultan Hypermarket

  • Dar Zaitoun Extra virgin olive oil mixed with refined oil, 5 liters: priced at 5.990 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 7.990 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Maggi chicken vermicelli soup, 60 grams, 12 pieces: priced at 3,240 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 4,100 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Maggi chicken stock cubes 20 grams, 24 pieces: priced at 1.290 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 1.670 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • California Garden sweet corn 200 grams 4 kernels: priced at 0.490 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 0.660 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • California Modern Beans Mix 450 grams, 4 pieces: priced at 0.890 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 1.250 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Al Alali chopped mushrooms 200 grams, 6 pieces: priced at 0.990 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 1.740 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Al-Seedawi Tahini 1 kg: at a price of 1.350 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 1.960 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Lady Diana grape leaves 454 grams, 2 pieces: priced at 1.850 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 2.970 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • KDD tomato paste 135 grams, 8 pieces: price 0.690 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup 460 grams 2 pieces: priced at 1.350 Kuwaiti dinars, instead of 1.920 Kuwaiti dinars.

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