A Tunisian court imprisons journalists Bseis and Al-Zughidi and sets a date for their trial News


A judge at the Court of First Instance in Tunisia decided to imprison the two journalists at the private IFM radio station, Burhan Basseis and Murad Al-Zughidi, with a trial session scheduled for next Wednesday.

Public Prosecution spokesman Mohamed Zaitouneh told Agence France-Presse that the arrested journalists face suspicions of publishing news that includes personal data and false news with the aim of defamation and abuse.

Tunisian security forces arrested Bseis and Zaghidi last Saturday following comments in which they criticized the general situation in the country, on suspicion of the crime of “spreading news that includes personal data and attributing untrue matters with the aim of defaming others,” according to the statement. Decree 54.

Lawyer Ghazi Mrabet said that the investigation with the two journalists included asking questions about radio statements and blog posts on the Facebook platform.

The arrest of Murad Al-Zughidi and Burhan Bseis came the day after the arrest of lawyer Sania Al-Dahmani on a similar charge after security forces stormed the headquarters of the Bar Association in the Tunisian capital.

Security forces stormed the Bar Association headquarters again the day before yesterday and arrested lawyer Mahdi Zaqrouba on charges of assaulting security personnel.

The Journalists Syndicate condemned the arrest of Al-Zughidi and Bassis, and said that they face a prison sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 50,000 dinars, and demanded an end to the prosecution of journalists under Decree 54.

Lawyers carried out a general strike to protest the storming of their union headquarters in the capital, and waved escalatory steps.

Within 18 months, more than 60 people, including journalists, lawyers and opponents, were subjected to judicial prosecution under Decree 54 issued by the Tunisian President. Kais Saied In mid-September 2022.

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