Abdullah Al-Ruwaished’s condition is stable after being tired yesterday

After social media was abuzz yesterday with calls for recovery for Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, following the spread of news about the deterioration of his health condition weeks after he suffered a sudden health illness, ET Arabic sources learned that Al-Ruwaished’s condition is now stable, but he is still receiving treatment in a hospital in Kuwait.

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A journalist close to Abdullah Al-Ruwaished: “The improvement is slow, but his condition is stable.”

A journalist close to Abdullah Al-Ruwaished revealed to ET in Arabic his current condition, saying that his condition is stable so far, but he is not in the best condition, stressing that he was tired yesterday.

He also indicated that doctors believe that he is making improvement, but very slowly, while visits are still prohibited from him except to those close to his family only.

On Wednesday, calls were spread on the

Abdullah Al-Ruwaished

Abdullah Al-Ruwaished

It is noteworthy that Al-Ruwaished was admitted to the hospital on February 18 after suffering a sudden health problem

Information spread at the time that Abdullah Al-Ruwaished had suffered a stroke, and Mishari Bouyabes denied the news while he was next to him in the hospital. He wrote a post at the time in which he said, “There is no truth to his having suffered a stroke, and he has an emergency health problem, and I am currently with him in the hospital.”

A Kuwaiti journalist also confirmed the news, quoting his brother Adel Al-Ruwaished, who reassured her of his health. He said, “He is fine. He did not suffer a stroke as was rumored. Flu and stress mean a health problem, and it started on the night of the last concert. Bu Khaled is fine and has returned well… There is nothing wrong.”

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