Learn about the case of Habiba Al-Shamaa, a victim of an Uber driver, from the beginning until her death

After she died today Habiba Al-Shamma Known in the media as the Sunrise Girl or the Uber Girl, after her health condition deteriorated after she jumped out of the car after an Uber driver attempted to kidnap her, according to her family’s account, Youm7 reveals the story of the Sunrise Girl from its beginning until her death.

Investigations revealed that the girl suffered from fainting and bleeding as a result of her jumping out of the car for fear of being kidnapped by the driver, after he sprayed some perfume inside the car while driving very quickly on the Suez Road, which caused terror in the girl’s soul and prompted her to jump out of the car.

The Public Prosecution decided to remove the surveillance cameras and conduct a drug test on the accused driver, who had previously been accused in a drug case.

The accused’s lawyer revealed that the driver did not intend to kidnap the girl, but she suffered from a state of unreal apprehension and terror, and that the accused had been working for Uber for years without any complaint, and while spraying perfume he did not close the car doors, which is a clear reason for the lack of intention to kidnap. the girl.

The girl’s family’s lawyer, for his part, filed a civil compensation request before the prosecution against the accused and the Uber company as a result of the damages caused to his client.

The prosecution, for its part, charged the accused with attempting to kidnap the girl and causing her injuries mentioned in the health report.

The opposition judge at the Misdemeanor Court decided to renew the detention of the accused of attempting to kidnap Habiba Al-Shamaa, “Shorouk Girl,” for 15 days pending investigation.

Who is Habiba Al-Shamma?

The girl is called Habiba Al-Shamaa. She is currently 24 years old, a graduate of the Faculty of Information from the British University, and works in the field of furniture and decoration.

Who is the accused?

The driver is 34 years old, holds an industrial technician diploma in the refrigeration and air conditioning department, is married, and has 3 children, the eldest of whom is in elementary school.

The beginning of the incident was the filing of a report at the Shorouk Police Department, regarding an attempt to kidnap a girl named “Habiba Al-Shamaa” after she was riding with an Uber driver, but she was surprised by the attempt to kidnap her, which led her to throw herself from the car while it was traveling very quickly, which caused her to suffer a concussion and lose consciousness, and she was transferred to the police station. the hospital.

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