Abu Dhabi and The Telegraph.. British action regarding the deal

Government sources said, on Tuesday, that Britain is considering legal amendments that would prevent any foreign country from owning a British news organization, while the government is considering the decision to allow the Abu Dhabi-backed company (Red Bird IMI) to buy the Telegraph newspaper.

The potential takeover of the politically influential Telegraph has raised questions about the independence of the media and the role of foreign investors in acquiring assets that could undermine press freedom.

About 100 lawmakers from all parties signed a letter to Information Minister Lucy Fraser opposing the Red Bird IMI group’s acquisition of the right-leaning newspaper and political magazine Spectator, citing concerns about possible censorship and interference in editorial policy.

The Minister is currently studying the deal decision.

The House of Lords (Senate) is scheduled to vote on an amendment to the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill, on Wednesday, that would give ministers the right to block any offer from a foreign country to buy a British newspaper.

An informed source said that the government is still deciding the best way to achieve its goals.

The bill is expected to be referred to the House of Commons if it receives approval from the House of Lords. The government can also propose amendments to the law.

Fraser received reports from regulators on Monday assessing any potential impacts on editorial accuracy and freedom of expression.

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