After suffering from cancer.. 9 information about Barwas Hussein, Arab Idol star – Miscellaneous

A great shock befell the followers of Prowse Hussein, the star of the singing program Arab Idol, after she announced that she was suffering from bowel cancer, through her personal account on the “X” website. She also began her treatment journey and asked for prayers for her recovery: “Pray for my recovery… May God protect you and protect us from… All sickness and evil, and He heals all the sick.”

Bowel cancer

“I am always satisfied with the destiny and destiny that God has written for us.. Yes, I am fighting this virulent disease (cancer “The intestines” are currently in the treatment phase, “Praise be to God and thanks for everything.” Words that “Barwas” shocked her followers and fans on social media. Her post aroused public sympathy, and comments poured in wishing her a speedy recovery and the return of her two daughters in health and safety.

In the following report, we review the most important information received about the Arab Idol star, according to her personal accounts on various social networking sites.

Information about the Arab Idol star

– It is called Barwas Hussein, but some people pronounce it Barwaz.

– She is 35 years old.

– She was born in 1989.

– She works as a singer.

– From the city of Erbil in Kurdistan Iraq.

– She participated in the singing program Arab Idol “Season Two”

She caught attention with her strong voice and feeling.

She is married to a singer named Goran.

She has two daughters, Kona and Jardin.

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