After the decline in flour… a decision by the Minister of Supply regarding the prices of free bread

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Free bread prices

Books – Muhammad Sami:
Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, said that the coming days will witness the formation of higher committees to monitor the prices of free bread in light of flour prices and cost factors.

The Minister of Supply indicated that the tasks of the Supreme Committee will be to determine the prices of free bread, the weights and the technical specifications in light of the variables in the cost of production and the prices of flour, whether up or down, and that its meeting will be monthly.

Al-Moselhi added, during his meeting with the head of the Bakeries Division, Hajj Abdullah Ghorab, the head of the Cairo Bakeries Division, Hajj Attia Hammad, the head of the Grain Chamber, Tariq Hassanein, the directors of the Cairo, Giza, and Qalyubia directorates, and representatives of the owners of free bakeries, that flour prices decreased by approximately 35%, and that determining prices and weights will The cost of each weight is calculated and this will be monitored by the Ministry.
He stressed that everyone works in the end for the benefit of the citizen, noting that flour prices dropped from 28 pounds to 18 pounds per kilo after the dollar was saved and the customs releases that took place recently.

Ahmed Kamal, the official spokesman and assistant minister, stated that the assurances of the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade are to prepare a map for free bakeries and to help free bakeries obtain the necessary licenses to operate freely and under the direct supervision of the ministry in weight and price as well, stressing that the ministry will follow up the production of free bakeries in weight and quality. Also after issuing ministerial decisions regulating this, with the formation of the Supreme Committee for Free Bread and determining the weights and prices as well.

The official spokesman, Assistant Minister, indicated that the ministerial decision that will be issued in the coming days will include determining the specifications of the loaf of free-range bread, the price and weight as well, as well as the specifications and requirements that must be met by tourist bakeries.

The ministerial decision will also include determining the different types of free living, tourist, French and white Levantine, including prices and weights.

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