After the ring road accident… learn about ways to prevent trailer accidents on the axles

The General Traffic Department warns all truck drivers against driving at excessive speeds to prevent accidents Traffic accidents On the roads linking the governorates, in conjunction with an accident at the top of the ring road, which resulted in the death of 4 people and the injury of 9 others. The Traffic Department stresses attention to checking vehicle tires to prevent road accidents, and the Traffic Department has issued a set of warnings, including:

1- Rotating tires between the axles extends the life of the tire and reduces the phenomenon of irregular wear.

2- Tires with the same tire must be of the same size, section, and air adjustment.

3- Review the condition of the rims before installation and ensure that they are free of rust and petroleum materials.

4- Do not use a worn frame or until the depth of the inscription in the place disappears.

5- Check the cold air pressure of the tire.

6- The presence of a valve cover to prevent dust from entering.

7- Preventing crazy speeds and adhering to the speed limits on the roads.

8- Avoid making mistakes and racing while driving along the axles.

4 people were killed and 9 people were injured in a collision on the ring road, today, Saturday, which caused heavy traffic coming from the assembly in the direction of Al-Munib cars, amid the presence of traffic services to remove the wreckage of the accident.

The Rescue Operations Room of the Cairo Security Directorate received a report stating that a traffic accident had occurred on the ring road in front of motorists coming from the assembly towards Al-Munib.

Upon transfer and examination, it was found that 4 people were killed and 9 others were injured in a collision between a microbus and a transport vehicle and two people. They were taken to the National Bank Hospital. Traffic police deployed traffic cranes and ambulances to transport the victims to the hospital, and the wreckage of the accident was completely removed.

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