After topping the trend… 10 information about the artist Rania Mansour

04:47 PM

Friday, May 17, 2024

Actress Rania Mansour topped the most searched “trend” lists on Google after she accused a young man of harassing her while she was attending a concert by singer Wael Jassar inside a famous mall in Nasr City, and she filed a report against him at the police department.

Upon conducting investigations, the security services found that the accused was 48 years old and had been suffering from psychological disorders for 11 years. He was presented to the Public Prosecution and the two parties reconciled after the incident.

We will review for you information about Rania Mansour in the following lines:

– Born on May 21, 1986.

She is currently 38 years old and celebrates her 39th birthday in a few days.

She has a twin sister, the artist Nourhan Mansour.

She collaborated with her sister Nourhan in the series “My Share and Your Divide,” “Seven Souls,” and “The Exodus.”

She has a daughter named Tawana El Gohary, and she participated in the series “Kamil Issue 2” with the artist Dina El-Sherbiny.

Rania began her artistic career through advertisements and modeling songs.

– She recently appeared as a model in the music video for the song “Mawdoo3 Our Return” by Tamer Hosni.

The film “Youth in the Forbidden” is her first artistic experience with acting.

She participated in many artistic works, including the movie “The System,” the movie “Aziz’s Dream,” and the series (Karima Karima, Haret Al-Yahud, Disappearance, Ibn Usoul, Ana Shahira, Ana Al-Khayen).

She was exposed to the rumor of her marriage to the artist Sherif Salama in 2020, and she denied the matter in several press statements.

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