Aid ship for Gaza “prepares to sail” from Cyprus

US Central Command conducted its fifth humanitarian airdrop into northern Gaza this month, delivering essential relief supplies to civilians affected by the conflict.

A statement by the command on its website on “X” said that the joint operation included C-130 aircraft belonging to the US Air Force and US Army soldiers specialized in the airdrop of supplies.

US C-130 aircraft dropped more than 41,400 meals and 23,000 bottles of water into northern Gaza, an area in dire need of relief supplies, allowing civilians to access this vital aid.

The Department of Defense’s humanitarian airdrops contribute to ongoing efforts to alleviate human suffering.

With the decline in the rate of aid entering Gaza by land, the United States and other countries resorted to landing it by air and preparing to deliver it by sea.

The United States carried out the first airdrop of food aid into Gaza on March 2, which included more than 38,000 meals.

In light of the limited quantities of aid that can be dropped by air compared to the needs, US President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he had assigned the army to establish a temporary dock in Gaza to deliver more aid by sea.

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