Aisha bin Ahmed: I am strong in difficult situations and stubborn in trivial needs

The Tunisian star has arrived Aisha bin Ahmed A guest on the program “With You, Mona El Shazly,” presented by journalist Mona El Shazly on ON channel, she spoke during the episode about the character of Laila in the series Without Warning, saying: “Laila’s character has a lot of resemblance to Mona.”

She continued Aisha bin Ahmed“In difficult and catastrophic situations, I am very strong and cohesive, but in trivial matters I cry and collapse in a second, but in major shocks I have strength.”

And I continued Aisha bin Ahmed“At the time of my father’s death, when I learned the information, I did not cry all day, and after that I collapsed, and at the time of my mother, when she entered the hospital, my sisters were collapsed men, and I was holding on, and knowing that I had a mission, I could not collapse.”

It is noteworthy that the latest work of the Tunisian star Aisha Ben Ahmed is the series Without Warning, which was shown last Ramadan, starring Aser Yassin, Aisha Ben Ahmed, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Islam Hafez, Jihad Hossam, Ahmed Ali Maher, Nihal Anbar, Hanan. Suleiman, and a number of other artists, and the work is a story and dramatic treatment by Alma Kafarneh, a screenplay and dialogue by Ammar Sabry, Samar Taher, and Karim Al-Dalil, directed by Hani Khalifa, and produced by Blue Bee by producer Mohamed Mishish.

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