Al-Ahly defeats Smouha and wins the Women’s Handball League title

The Al-Ahly Club women’s handball team won over its counterpart, Smouha, with a score of 29/26, as part of the first matches of the second stage of the women’s handball league final for the local season 2023/2024 to determine the champion, which will be held in the Al-Ahly club hall for 3 consecutive days, to decide the title early.

While Smouha will meet with Zamalek, and Al-Shams will meet with Al-Ahly today, Thursday, while the competition will conclude on Friday between Al-Shams with Smouha and Al-Ahly with Zamalek.

While Saeed Abdel Moneim, Chairman of the Competitions Committee of the Handball Federation, announced in advance that the second combined session of the Women’s Handball League final will be held over the days of March 13, 14 and 15 in the presence of the Federation’s card holders and members of the clubs participating in the competition. It is worth noting that the Sun Hall hosted The first group that witnessed Al-Ahly rise to the top of the standings.

The Al-Ahly Club women’s handball team won over its Zamalek counterpart with a score of 24/18 at the conclusion of the first combined session of the women’s handball general league final, at the Al-Shams Club hall.

The matches will witness the application of penalty kicks in the event of a tie in the professional, professional and women’s competitions. Officials of the Competitions Committee of the Handball Federation announced that the Canal Hall in Ismailia will host the finals of the Egypt Women’s Cup for the local season 2023/2024, which is scheduled for March 22 and 23.

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