Al-Ahly Stadium.. Hussein Hegazy leads the Red Giants to win the Egypt Cup

The club is longer Al-Ahly It is one of the most popular Arab clubs from the ocean to the Gulf. Indeed, its fans reach all parts of the African continent, and have also crossed international borders in recent years..

Al-Ahly’s achievements are as great as its long history. On the local level, it is the club that has won the most Egyptian League wins in the history of the most important competition in the Land of the Pharaohs, and it holds the record for winning the Egypt Cup, the African Champions League, and the African Super Cup as well, in addition to being the club that has won the most bronze medals in the Club World Cup.

In the “Ahly Stadium” series presented by Youm7 throughout the holy month of Ramadan, we review the Red Genie’s most famous championship wins.

On March 28, 1924, Al-Ahly was crowned champion of the Egypt Cup (then the Cup of Excellence) for the first time in its history, after its victory over Al-Sekka El-Sekka in the final of the third edition of the tournament, in the rematch after the two teams tied 0-0 in the first match that was held two weeks before. Al-Ahly was satisfied with one goal, but scored four goals in the strong Al-Sekka El-Hadid team, led by the father of Egyptian football, Hussein Hegazy..

Al-Ahly’s goals were scored by Mahmoud Mukhtar Al-Tatch (two goals), Ahmed Mukhtar, and Khalil Hosni, while Al-Sikka’s only goal was scored by Hussein Hegazy. The match was not completed, because Al-Sikka fans entered the stadium ten minutes before the end of the match in protest against the defeat of the Hegazy team..

Such as Al-Ahly: Ahmed Askar, Ahmed Salem, Muhammad Al-Sayed, Ahmed Suleiman Hedenberg, Muhammad Ali Rasmy, Riyad Shawqi, Jamil Al-Zubair, Ahmed Mukhtar, Mahmoud Mukhtar Al-Tatch, Khalil Hosni, Abdul Latif Al-Husseini. .

Like the track: Mahmoud Marai, Muhammad Shamis, Fouad Gemayel, Abdel Salam Hamdi, Ali Al-Hasani, Rizkallah Haneen, Jamil Othman, Al-Sayyid Abaza, Hussein Hegazy, Ali Riyad, Musa Sirri.

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