Al-Ahly’s competitor… Young Africans comments on the visit to the Red Castle on the island “Video”

Club officials commented Young Africans of Tanzania On a reception, Al-Ahly Club received them at its headquarters on the island yesterday afternoon, Thursday, in the presence of Hirsi Al-Saeed, President of the Tanzanian Young Africans Club, and his accompanying delegation, who were keen to visit the club. To discuss ways of cooperation with Al-Ahly in various fields.

Al-Ahly will meet Young Africans at six in the evening today, Friday, at Cairo Stadium at the end of the group stage of the African Champions League. Both teams are guaranteed to qualify for the quarter-finals of the tournament, and the match will be to decide the top of the group..

The official page of the Africans Club on the “AX” website published a video clip saying: “The leadership of the Young Africans Club, under the leadership of President Engineer Hirsi Ali Saeed, was welcomed to visit the Al-Ahly Club headquarters in Cairo.”

The President of the Tanzanian Club, Dr. Saeed Shalabi, was received by the Executive Director of Al-Ahly, who was keen to welcome the delegation of the Young Africans Club, and conveyed to them the greetings of the club’s Board of Directors. .

The Executive Director of Al-Ahly stressed the depth of the relations between Egypt and Tanzania, as well as the close relations between Al-Ahly and Young Africans, as it is one of the large clubs on the African continent, and that the club is looking forward to further cooperation with Young Africans in all fields..

For his part, Hirsi Al-Saeed, President of the Young Africans Club, confirmed that his visit to Al-Ahly, the largest club on the African continent and the Horn of Africa Club, came with the aim of learning about his pioneering experience in various fields, and benefiting from his technical and administrative expertise in various sectors, in addition to exchanging sporting experiences..

The President of Young Africans expressed his happiness at visiting Al-Ahly Club, which enjoys great popularity, not only in Tanzania, but throughout the entire continent of Africa, which is what prompted him to make this visit. In order to achieve the greatest possible benefit from Al-Ahly’s experiences and transfer them to his club, he pointed out that he had previously visited Al-Ahly Club nearly ten years ago, and witnessed the development that occurred over the past ten years in all sectors..

He added that Al-Ahly has a large fan base, not only in Tanzania, but also throughout the African continent, in light of its long history and the achievements it achieves at various levels..

Dr. Saad Shalabi, Executive Director, was keen to present Mr. Hirsi Al-Saeed, President of the Young Africans Club, with a shield, a flag and an Al-Ahly T-shirt. Also, “Hirsi Al-Saeed” presented Al-Ahly Club with a Young Africans Club shirt with Al-Ahly’s name written on it..

The president of the Young Africans Club toured the club’s headquarters on the island, which included the championship ring, the touch court, the swimming pool complex, the martyrs’ memorial, and the statue of the late Saleh Salim.

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