Al-Atawla series, Episode 2.. Tariq Lotfy is in trouble because of Ahmed Al-Sakka

The Al-Atawla series, Episode 2, witnessed many surprises, most notably the crises that haunted the wedding of “Shadia” Maryam Al-Jundi, sister of “Nassar” Ahmed Al-Sakka, and “Khader” Tariq Lotfy, and the appearance of her lover, “Saad” Moamen Nour, who threatened to reveal the news of their common-law marriage.

Al-Atawla Ramadan 2024 series

Events of the Atawla series, episode 2

In the details of the episode, moments before “Saad” appeared, “Issa” Bassem Samra was keen to congratulate his colleagues “Nassar” and “Khader”, while Hassan Shakoush revived the wedding ceremony and performed a song entitled “Generation Bomb”, after which “Saad” entered and revealed to his mother The bride is her daughter’s husband.

Then, the bride was surprised when a group of thugs stormed the wedding party and kidnapped her and her husband. It later became clear that these thugs were men of “Al-Dakhakhni” Muhammad Najati.

In the second episode, Al-Atawla also witnessed the theft of “Issa’s” villa, where he discovered the incident upon his arrival home, so he met with “Nassar” and “Khader”, to accuse “Nassar” of being behind the theft of the safe, as he is the only one who can open it, but he becomes angry. From that accusation, he tries to defend himself.

After that, “Khader” met with “Al-Dakhakhni” to hand him the stolen safe, but “Al-Dakhakhni” discovered that the stolen items were complete, except for an antiquities piece. It later became clear that “Nassar” had seized it in secret without informing his brother, so events developed and could raise many concerns. Crises in the coming episodes, if Al-Dakhakhni does not recover this artifact.

Al-Atawla Ramadan 2024 series

The story of the Atawla series

The events take place in the city of Alexandria, whose people are distinguished by their special character, wonderful moral characteristics, and distinctive dialect. During the series, Ahmed Al-Sakka embodies the character “Nassar”, who is a model of a popular hero, who lives a life full of events and adventures, but he tries to maintain positivity in all circumstances and in… All his dealings.

Heroes of the Atawla series

Ahmed Al-Sakka, Tariq Lotfy, Zeina, May Kassab, Sami Maghawry, Hoda Al-Atrabi, Hanan Youssef, co-starring in the series Al-Atawla. It is written by Hisham Hilal and directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa.

Where is the Atawla series shown?

The Al-Atawla series will be shown daily throughout the month of Ramadan 2024, at 7 pm on the MBC Misr channel, and will be shown on the MBC Misr 2 channel, at 9:30 pm, and will be repeated at 3 pm, and will also be shown on the Shahid platform.

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