Al-Atawla series, Episode 24.. Mai Kassab asks Bassem Samra to help her take revenge on Ahmed Al-Sakka

Al-Atawla series, episode 24..I witnessed Episode 24 of the Atawla seriesStarring Ahmed El Sakka, many exciting events.

Al-Atawla series, episode 24

The events of Episode 24 of the Al-Atawla series begin with Issa Al-Wazzan learning that Nassar threw his mobile phone into the sea. Sitra decides to take revenge on Henna and expels her and her mother from her husband Nassar’s house. The latter refuses to let them go, and tells his mother that he is sitting in his father’s property, and Sitra responds to him. That the house belongs to her and that Hannah and her mother have no place in it, so they leave the house in front of all the people of the neighborhood.

Al-Atawla series

Sitra asks Dina to tell her the location of the bag of money that she gave to her mother, but the latter tells her that she knows nothing about it. Sitra asks Cat to spy on Dina, and Aisha goes to Issa Al Wazzan. She asks him to marry her, and she also tells him that she wants to take revenge on Al-Atawla, especially Nassar, and take revenge on Ibn Hanna.

Al-Atawla series

The events of the Al-Atawla series take place in the city of Alexandria, during which the star Ahmed Al-Sakka embodies the character of Nassar, who is a model of a tragic hero, who experiences ups and downs in his life, but he tries to maintain positivity in all circumstances and in all his dealings, at a time when life’s circumstances push him towards negativity, and then Changes occur in his life.

Al-Atawla series

Show dates for the series Al-Atawla, Episode 24

The Al-Atawla series, Episode 24, starring Ahmed El-Sakka and Tarek Lotfy, will be shown at 7 pm on MBC Egypt, and the repeat will be at 2 pm.

Al-Atawla series

It is also shown on MBC Misr 2, at 9:30 pm, and replayed at 3 pm, and is also shown on the “Shahid” platform.

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