Al-Khula’i, Al-Bahrawi and Al-Majzoub are the singing stars of the series “Muharib” starring Hassan Al-Raddad.. Pictures

Series makers care ” warrior “ Starring the artist Hassan Al-Raddad, presenting a singing meal within the series, where the artist Hassan Al-Raddad presents in the first episode of the series a song within the events of the series called “We Are Jenna”, in which the singer Hassan Al-Khula’i participates, from the words of Islam Khalil, composed by Hani Farouk, arranged by Zizo Farouk and mixed by Ahmed Gouda, and the artistic vision of the songs is Hassan. Al-Khula’i.

The beginning sequence of the series, titled “Hidden His Love,” is presented by singer Reda El-Bahrawy, with words by Amr Qutb, composed by Hussein Zakaria, and arranged by Nawar El-Behairy. The ending sequence is presented by the Lebanese singer Mohamed Majzoub, entitled “Getty Alia,” written by Islam Khalil, composed by Hani Farouk, arranged by Zizo Farouk, mixed and mastered by engineer Ahmed Gouda, and recorded. In the message studio


Al-Raddad, Al-Khalai, Jouda, and the Farouk brothers

Al-Raddad and Al-Khula’i

The star Hassan Al-Raddad and the heroes of his new series “Warrior” continue filming the action scenes in full swing to catch the show next Ramadan 2024 on the screens of United Media Services, as the creators of the work are preparing to begin advertising operations by launching the first poster and promo during the next few days.

A large number of artists are participating in the championship of the series “Warrior”, as the list of heroes includes: Ahmed Zaher, Majed El Masry, Nahed El Sebaei, Nermin El Feki, Menna Fadali, Tamer Abdel Moneim, Malak Ahmed Zaher, Salwa Othman, Abed Anany, Nour Mahmoud. , Ahmed Anan, Karim Al-Omari, Samaa Ibrahim, Afaf Shuaib, Ghofran Muhammad, Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Mahmoud Amr, Mahmoud Yassin, Hassan Eid.

“Warrior” series, written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir, directed by Sherine Adel, and produced by Ahmed El-Sobky. Its events revolve within a suspenseful social context, around the young man Aziz, who comes from Upper Egypt and lives with his family in Cairo. His life changes completely after the death of his father, as he is forced to work to support his family until he discovers a big secret that changes… His life path

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