Alaa Morsi reveals to “Ahmed Al-Khatib” the details of his cancer

Artist revealed Alaa Morsi About the exciting behind-the-scenes of his illness Colon Cancer And the situations he was exposed to while discovering this difficult disease, noting that for the first time in his life he entered a hospital as a patient with this dangerous disease.

And he spoke Alaa Morsi During a new episode of the program (Speak to God… with Ahmed Al-Khatib) on Radio 9090about the secrets of his relationship with God Almighty, and the times he spoke to God, indicating that he always admits that he is a sinner.

He explained that the Messenger visited him while he was under anesthesia for an operation to remove the cancerous colon and saw all his loved ones and his mother, to whom he was related, pointing out that the moment of illness was difficult for him and his family.

Regarding his illness experience, he said: Alaa Morsi It is a choice from God to discipline and purify man, adding that while he was anesthetized for serious surgery in the hospital, he saw our Prophet, the Prophet, and his companion, Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, and lived in a spiritual atmosphere, where he actually moved to death in the other world, and saw all the dead, including his mother and his friend, the late artist Alaa Wali Al-Din, and all his friends before him. He woke up from the coma and kept calling out to God and asking him for forgiveness, pardon, and healing. He added, “I actually spoke to God while I was between life and death during the operation.”

Pointing out that he was reading what was being written about the rumors of his death during the operation and I was very sad, but at the same moment I felt people’s love for him and their sadness over his illness, and the fifth season of the program “Speak to Our Lord… with Ahmed Al-Khatib” began on the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan 2024.

Journalist Ahmed Al-Khatib, head of the culture and heritage sector at the United Company, hosts in his annual radio program a distinguished group of Egyptian society stars, “media professionals, writers, politicians, officials, artists, priests, and preachers.”

In the first episode of his media program, Al-Khatib hosted Mahmoud Saad, who spoke for the first time about the dramatic details of his mother’s death

The program “Speak to Our Lord… with Ahmed Al-Khatib” is broadcast on Radio 9090, at five-thirty before breakfast, throughout the days of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Alaa Morsi hosted by Ahmed Al-Khatib
Alaa Morsi hosted by Ahmed Al-Khatib

Alaa Morsi hosted by Ahmed Al-Khatib
Alaa Morsi hosted by Ahmed Al-Khatib

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